19-02-2004, ATHENS, GREECE

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14- Yerolimpos as guilty according to the charges of the American businessman

15- She sends the file to the public prosecutor

16- Even the CIA and the FBI dealt with this case.

17- Gianna Angelopoulos with her yesterday's decision to send away George Yerolimpos accepts substantially the charges against him from the American businessman, who was interested in undertaking the work of security of the Olympic Games which is of completely separate importance.


Genuine shock to all-Greece caused the yesterday's revealing reportage of «FILATHLOS» which sensitised Gianna Angelopoulos who judged Yerolimpos almost as guilty.

In fact, the relative file of the shattering affair was transmitted to the public prosecutor.

Characteristically, with its yesterday’s evening statement, “Athens 2004” reports that «Yerolimpos proceeded in out of the company (that is to say out of ATHENS 2004 INC.) enterprising activities... » and for this... «… the company confidence for him was shaken on his culpability».

«FILATHLOS» gives today continuity to the subject with more details in p. 5.

About this, Nikos Karagiannidis writes also in his column.


18- EVERY DAY, by Nikos Karagiannidis

When you search all the aspects.

If I have a company of my own or participate with any means in a company, then this company can not contract with the 2004, in case I work for ATHENS 2004.

Let me say it in another way.

If I were Yerolimpos, that is to say an executive of the 2004, then I could not - as a company - undertake any work or supply anything relative with the organisation of the Olympic Games.

Besides, this is reported in the statute of the “incorporated” company ATHENS 2004 which is chaired by Gianna Angelopoulos.

What has precisely happened in this story of the Greek-American businessman’s charge who claims that he has fallen a victim of fraud in the degree of capital offence from the High-ranking Executive of the“Athens 2004” George Yerolimpos and somebody Reinhart Grundmann.

Each one, of course, makes his own thoughts... And I make my own thoughts.

I cannot however write on the paper what I have in mind, since you do not have the right to offend anyone just because you can think and also search the case...

In our circle, of the athletics journalists, this was «the first matter» that everybody discussed...

I heard a lot from many people, even teratologies, for what really happened and how was this story that «FILATHLOS» revealed.

Every one, I repeat, says his own, that is to say he gives his own interpretations and «reads» as he wants the charge of the American businessman...

I avoid, as I report, to expose all my thoughts, which I keep for myself, because in no case I wish to condemn somebody, even by the «allusion method»...

… But I suppose that one thought of mine is worth writing...

Pano Kroko reports that after a Yerolimpos «proposal» he agreed to recommend in London a company in order to undertake the work of security of the Olympic Games...

... And in this subsidiary company would participate at 80% the Greek-American’s maternal company and at 10% for each, Yerolimpos and Grundmann…

The legitimate question is that there existed the danger, that the work of security of the Olympic Games would not be entrusted in a company, in which Yerolimpos, as executive of the “Athens 2004”, is a shareholder....

Yerolimpos, in deed, in the subsidiary company in question, which was set up in order to take the work, always according to Pano Kroko, is not only a simple shareholder...

Concretely Yerolimpos seems to have the attribute of both the Director and the Executive as a Chief Operating Officer.

Didn’t Yerolimpos know that he didn't have the right to participate in companies which were interested in taking work from “Athens 2004”?

And if he knew it, then he likely wanted to deceit Pano Kroko …

… The most likely, however, is that Yerolimpos did certainly know that he did not have any right of attendance in such type of processes, a fact that perhaps speaks about his innocence, about his no entanglement...

Another question that deserves to be paid attention at, based on the Pano Kroko’s charges, is how did Yerolimpos have access to the Blueprints?



19-02-2004, ATHENS, GREECE

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19- CIA and FBI checked...


A draft of memorandum exists on collaboration of George Yerolimpos and Reinhard Grundmann from the one side and of Pano Kroko from the other side, in order the American company of the third undertakes the security task of the Olympic Games of the “Athens 2004”.

This is what Pano Kroko claims in his in front of all courts and all authorities extrajudicial harmful effect, protest and invitation that he sent to Gianna Angelopoulos.

If the Greek-American businessman has, therefore, such a contract in his hands, then the thing speaks by itself......

Up to the moment, we have from the one side the scary concrete accusations of Pano Kroko and from the other side the emphatic rebuttals by George Yerolimpos, who is the director of the office of “Athens 2004”  Managing Director John Spanoudakis.

«FILATHLOS» gives today continuity to the yesterday's revealing reportage about this subject which we characterize, without exaggeration, as WORLDWIDE SCANDAL.

And this because, if all, that the chairman of the American company reports, have any relation with the reality, then he, even without having such an intention, in his effort to protect his interests, accomplishes to expose internationally Greece and to offend with the worse way the morals and the quality, which are supposed to characterize the organisation of the Olympic Games.

The draft memorandum in question about which, the directing adviser of the SEATTLE WlRELESS INC. (then thanks to brevity it we will report as «SWI») speaks, was drawn up because, as the side of Pano Kroko always supports, the following had preceded...

… The SWI, holder of know-how Wireless and Wi-Fi, in 2001 and 2002 presented its products and its program in the offices of the 2004 and to the responsible for the matters of security...

If the Greek-American presents the text of his contract with Yerolimpos, Grundmann …

“Therefore, George Yerolimpos said to me that the discussions between my company and “Athens 2004” should be carried out with a mediator whom he represented...

And this mediator was Reinhard Grundmann of the INDOAKZIS Company....

The negotiations of the SWI with the INDOAKZIS began and the Yerolimpos-Grundmann asked me to take part as investors in the still under constitution European affiliated company EUROPE WIRELESS LTD (then we will report it as «EWL»), with headquarters at London.

After we signed our the relative draft of collaboration on January 3rd, 2003 the maternal SWI gave command to Grundmann to proceed in the necessary tasks for the constitution of the subsidiary EWL.

And, in deed, to buy the relative «domain names».

Yerolimpos and Grundmann asked me in detail every datum of know-how which is relative with the security of the Olympic Games in order to deliver it to ATHENS 2004.

So, I delivered an analytic description of the technological solutions, which constitutes an intellectual property of the SWI in specialised technologies and in applications of electronic security according to the forecasted of the SAIC group coded system.

In order the work of the SWI be better opposite to its two collaborators and to “Athens 2004”, Yerolimpos delivered to us the blueprints of the Olympic installations on purpose to indicate exploitably the way of our know-how application for the concrete, in the level of high technology protection of security, utilisable «points».

Indeed, I returned to Yerolimpos the blueprints with the proposed products and their planning of provisions so that they can be used from the department of security of “Athens 2004”.

The delivery took place at the office of Grundmann in Glyfada. …

Everybody must think that we speak about the SECURITY, the major subject relatively to the 2004...

Reinhard Grundmann undertook the obligation to overwhelm the sum of 10,803.438 Euros, to buy the participial shares of the affiliated EWL, not only for his own 10%, but also for the 10% of Yerolimpos.

This money was never paid by Grundmann.

The SWI held DUE DILIGENCE control in order to realise what INDOAKZIS Company means and what the genuine «identity» of its representative Reinhard Grundmann is.

It was proved that he had a havy penal registration with sentences of imprisonment, with condemnations and he had been repeatedly accused in various countries of Europe.

Everything we discovered about Grundmann was verified by the American services of information and national security.

The most worrying thing is that this subject concerns the SECURITY of the Olympic Games, which constitutes the major and biggest distress not only of the “Athens 2004” but also of the Greek government.


20- Gianna sent away Yerolimpos

After the yesterday’s revealing reportage of «FILATHLOS», which was based on the charges with legal deed of an American businessman and the mention of the entanglement and guilt of George Yerolimpos, Gianna Angelopoulos decided to remove from the “Athens 2004” the director of the office of “Athens 2004”  Managing Director John Spanoudakis.

The decision of Yerolimpos’ dismissal was notified to the «FILATHLOS» yesterday afternoon with the letter below signed by the general director of type and Media of “Athens 2004” Seraphim Kotrotsos.

It should be marked that as Seraphim Kotrotsos ... clarifies to us, the decision of Yerolimpos’ decapitation was received a few hours before «FILATHLOS» comes out in the kiosks.

We comprehend the ... clarification of the “Athens 2004” because it wants to be presented that it does not decide under the pressure of, even, valid articles.

We remind that the comlaint of the Greek-American Pano Kroko was given to “Athens 2004” on February 9th, 2004, and yesterday George Yerolimpos made statements to the «FILATHLOS» as an executive of the organisational committee of the Olympic Games!


To Mr. Nikos Karagiannidis

Editor of newspaper «FILATHLOS»

Athens, February 18th, 2004.



On the occasion of the publication, in yesterday's issue of your newspaper (Feb. 18, 2004), under the title «WORLDWIDE SCANDAL», which is about the charges of Mr. Pano Kroko and also involves an executive of the Organisational Committee of the Olympic Games ATHENS 2004, I would like to inform you of the following:

1. From the first moment (Feb. 9, 2004) that the charges of the person in question were communicated to the Organisational Committee, the Chairman of ATHENS 2004 Mrs. Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalakis gave an explicit command for the complete investigation of the case.

This research showed that ATHENS 2004, or any institutional body of it, had or has no relation, with the persons and the companies that are reported in the publication.

2. ATHENS 2004 has already - two days ago - answered with an extrajudicial document to Mr. Pano Kroko.

3. By virtue of a resolution of the Board of Directors of ATHENS 2004, made before the publication of the above article newspaper (Board meeting of Feb. 17, 2004), ATHENS 2004 terminated the contract of employment of Mr. George Yerolimpos “because he proceeded in out-of-company enterpreneurial activities, at infringement of the terms of his contract of employment, that exposed the company and created serious dangers for libel and consequently by his own fault culpability damaged fully and finally the confidence of the company to him».

From the above it is clear that there does not exist any entanglement of ATHENS 2004 as it is reported in the complaints of various persons.

Besides, the Administration of the Organisational Committee of the Olympic Games, and personally its Chairman, have repeatedly proved that they observe the letter and the spirit of legality in all their deeds, acts or decisions that concern in all the affairs of the Olympic preparation.

It is known that in the frame of the Organisational Committee all the essential institutions, preventive and repressive control are functioning, a fact that has been praised by the International Olympic Committee, the institutions of [Greek] State and all the legal and juridical persons of the country.

I remind you of the public statement by Mrs. Angelopoulos-Daskalakis that «each Euro is precious and each Euro must be usefully spent».



General Director of Type and Media.