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Efthymios Persidis

President, Greek Traditional Karate Federation

54 Katsoni Labrou, 11471 Athens, Greece



Athens, January 15, 2013



Mr. Richard Jorgensen, Chairman

International Traditional Karate Federation,


Mr. Wtodzimierz Kwiecinski, President

Traditional Karate Federation of Poland,


Mrs. Nami Nishiyama

Office Manager, ITKF International Office,


Dear Sirs, please read carefully the followings:


É am electrical and mechanical engineer (68, pensioner today) and deals with karate from 1966 as athlete and from 1980 as administrative. I acquired the master Nishiyama’s book “Karate: The Art of Empty Hand” (1965 edition) in 1967. I was one of the founders of Urban Company of Shotokan Karate in Greece in 1980 (first Greek karate federation and IAKF member) and one of the founders of Hellenic Karate Federation in 1986 (HKF, member of WUKO today - it was founded with 19 associations). In the last one, I was also general secretary, president and honorary president from 1986 until 1994, while its seat was in my own office for the first five years. I left HKF at the end of 1994, when HKF had more than 80 associations, because of my opposition with the illegalities of George Yerolimpos, then vice-president of HKF.

At the beginnings of 1995 I adhered to Greek Traditional Karate Federation (GTKF), which had founded in January 1995 by Panagiotis Drakopoulos, president then of GTKF (1995-2001), with five associations. Simultaneously, that time, Yerolimpos, who was also general secretary of WKF/WUKO, had made a juridical application to Greek court in order to cancel the statute of GTKF and take the rights of traditional karate, supporting that HKF covers also traditional karate. I undertook as general secretary (1995-2001) in GTKF 2-3 months before that trial, I studied the documents between ITKF - IOC - WUKO from 1986 up to 1995, I testified as witness in the court and we gained the trial. Yerolimpos made an appeal, that he gained (we lost) in 1996, because the lawyer of Drakopoulos did not deposit to the court the file with our proposals! As I understood later, he did this at requirement of Drakopoulos, who did not want to leave from his hands the exploitation of GTKF.

Then, I made big efforts to put the ETKF to appeal the decision of court of appeal that Yerolimpos gained. It takes me three years to take an essential attorney to Greek lawyer from Dr. Vladimir Jorga (Drakopoulos put continuously obstacles to this) and advance in new appeal at the previous decision that Yerolimpos gained. Finally, I accomplished this and we gained the new appeal in 2000. Yerolimpos made recantation at the Supreme Court which was rejected.

And thus, we are the only one national federation that we have gained in our national courts with Supreme Court decision the WKF/WUKO and Yerolimpos (its general secretary) that traditional karate is a different sport from modern karate and GTKF can ask its recognition from the Greek state as a different federation of a different sport (Attached #1)!


At the same time with all them, from 1977 until 1994 (17 years) I was also the editor of the only Greek monthly athletic magazine of fighting arts “DYNAMIC JUDO-KARATE”, (Attached #2, I have 1st dan in judo from Kodokan and I was champion in my country from 1966 until 1970, when judo of course was in low level in Greece). In my magazine I published news, competitions and correspondences from all the world and from Japan, where I had 4-5 correspondents. In 1983 I watched the World IAKF Championships in Cairo (Egypt) and I had relative extensive description with photos in my magazine. The same for the 1989 World WUKO Championships in Cairo again.

Because of my journalistic experience, my administrative experience and the study (for the trials) of documents between ITKF - IOC - WUKO from 1986 until 2000, I know very well all the karate history in the world the last forty years.


The development of GTKF in Greece from 1995

For the interval 1995-2000 P. Drakopoulos was president of GTKF and I was the secretary. In 2000 we had elections and Drakopoulos came out again as president and I as secretary. At the end of 2001 Drakopoulos (then 6th dan) was forced to resign from his place in the Administrative Council (AC) of GTKF, because the Greek athletic law prohibits for technicians (couches, arbitrators, examiners) to be members of AC. Then, I undertook as president and Drakopoulos undertook as technical director (a place out of the AC).

In April 2003 we took the final decision from the Supreme Court for our final victory against the HKF. In July 2003 Drakopoulos called me in his dojo (Budokan) to sign as president of GTKF the diplomas of black belts that he had given to his students. Then, I saw for first time that Drakopoulos gave concealedly from the administration of GTKF diplomas with the name of GTKF, in forms that GTKF never print and he kept the money that collected for him. These diplomas that he signed himself alone all the previous years, were bad copy of ITKF diplomas with many mistakes, as you see in Attached #3. The previous years he had shown me that he was giving diplomas of style Fudokan-Shotokan of brothers Jorga Federation, and in July 2003 I saw for first time that he was giving, himself alone, diplomas of GTKF without to have such an authorization. I protested for this and he promised me that we would resolve the problem inside those days, he requested me not to expose him to his students and for these reasons I signed 15-17 diplomas. It was not in my interest to create an internal conflict in GTKF at this moment, because we had made again an application for recognition to the General Secretary of Sports and we should not have internal problems.

But Drakopoulos did not do anything from what he promised, while simultaneously he prevented systematically with his majority of persons that he had in the AC, GTKF to do elections in the last four-month period of 2004, as the Greek law fixes. So, entered in 2005 GTKF remained without administration. A team of ten associations asked provisional administration from the court in order to do legal elections. Drakopoulos collaborated also with them (but not I), and finally they did illegal elections in August 2005 (with president the lawyer of Drakopoulos), that I cancelled with decision of court in August 2006.

After this I asked with my own association provisional administration for elections from the court and we gained the provisional administrative council, in which I was elected president in May 2007. We did legal regular elections in September 2008, in which I was again elected president up to the end 2012. In the end of 2007 Drakopoulos and his associations were erased with legal proces­ses from GTKF for various reasons, while we cancelled all the diplomas, that he had given to his students, for which did not exist any official file of names and dates, even his own 6th dan and 7th dan that he had taken from master Nishiyama, because even for them his application to ITKF: 1) should have been decided and proposed by the AC of GTKF, and 2) should have the signature of GTKF, that is to say signature of president, secretary and genuine seal of GTKF, things that had not been ever observed because he concealedly signed alone himself for all the above!

I published all these developments in GTKF extensively and intensively in my website from 2005, while the same time Drakopoulos did against me will prosecute and urban education for each of my articles. Finally, Drakopoulos and his lawyer (as court opponent henceforth) had made against me five will prosecutes and four urban educations, so the last seven years I had a court case every two months. Simultaneously, Yerolimpos did against me two will prosecutes because I had published in  that he was intermingled with the General Secretary of Sports and prevented the recognition of GTKF (thing that is truth).

I passed these courts that were a long-lasting war against me (and they have still not finished) with big economic cost! It deserves to note that at the duration of courts, Drakopoulos, his lawyer (woman) and Yerolimpos collaborated against me, provided that I was their common enemy. When, however, I say the truth, I fear no one and no one can stop me. This is also the karate spirit!


Last facts ---------------------

In November 2012 Drakopoulos came back with his associations and with an application to the court he tried again to take a provisional administration of GTKF (supposedly in order to make elections) claiming the lies: 1) that he had not been notified for the deletion of his associations, and 2) that I had been condemned in 16 months imprisonment and because of this I should deducted from president of GTKF, and with me all the GTKF AC, because Greek law says that it cannot be member of an athletic federation AC an individual with sentence of imprisonment above 12 months.

The truth is that the deletion of his associations had been legally notified to him and also published in, while simultaneously the final total sentence for me is only 4 months from a court against the lawyer of Drakopoulos and this with three years suspension, means that for the reasons that Drakopoulos invoked my sentence was null!!! All the statements of Drakopoulos, therefore, were “wanted” lies! The decision of last court has still not come out, but is certain that I will gain, because Drakopoulos asked elections and we did elections in December 2012, in which I was again elected as president for the next four-year period 2013-2016!


Unfortunately, however, it happened also a deplorable and dangerous fact. Drakopou­los in his effort to take the administration of GTKF “manufactured” a letter of his friend Dr. Vladimir Jorga, in which the last one “placed me in suspension”!!! With this letter (Attached #4), which was deposited in the trial as powerful probative element of Drakopoulos, the president of European Traditional Karate Federation (ETKF) Dr. Vladimir Jorga declares on notepaper of ETKF that ETKF has placed me in suspension, because a sentence of imprisonment of 16 months, and that ETKF recognizes Mr. Drakopoulos as representative and president of GTKF!!!

I remained amazed when I read this letter! I do not have seen again more illegal, more invalid and more foolish letter from a president of European sport federation except this letter of Dr. Vladimir Jorga!!! And in particular now that ITKF tries again to claim its recognition from the IOC!


The text of this letter (on notepaper of ETKF, Attached #4) is the next:




Belgrade, December 3, 2012

Status-confirmation-Greece / 122012



Ôï Whom It May Concern,


É hereby confirm that Mr. Efthymios Persidis is suspended as representative and President of Greek Traditional Karate Federation, due to an imprisonment of 16 months, and nï longer is a member of European Traditional Karate Federation.

Active representative and President of Greek Traditional Karate Federation is Mr. Panagiotis Drakopoulos - 7 DAN.

This confirmation is issued at the request of Mr. Drakopoulos for legal matter and cannot be used in any other purpose.

For all further information regarding this matter É'm at your disposal.



Univ. Prof. Vladimir Jorga, Ì.D., PhD


European Traditional Karate Federation

(Signature of Dr. Vladimir Jorga)


It is obvious that this letter offenses me personally, the same that it offenses also my federation and my country, in first phase for the next reasons. For these reasons, with my big sorrow, I am forced to give legal continuity to this subject!

More specifically in this letter:

a - It is not reported concretely the decision of Greek (or other) courts that imposed the sentence of 16 months to E. Persidis!

b- It is not reported the particular decision of AC or Juridical Committee of ETKF which “suspends” or “removes” E. Persidis from president of GTKF, for which reason and from when!

c - It does not report on base of which Article and which statute E. Persidis “is punished” with suspension!

d - It reports that E. Persidis “is not more member of ETKF” thing unthinkable, after members of ETKF are only national federations of European countries and no individuals!

e - It does not report even if how E. Persidis has been notified for all the above by the ETKF, if and how also he has apologized.

f - Finally, Dr. Vladimir Jorga commits the tragic for him error that he interferes in the internal of a federation member of ETKF and ITKF, which is a national federation of an independent country! More specifically, Dr. Vladimir Jorga ignores and offenses Greece as a country, the Greeks and the entire sports of our country, as well the entire system of operation of Greek justice, because with a fascist way he intervenes in internal of GTKF, that is regulated with the urban and athletic laws of our country and the decisions of Greek courts, he overpasses our laws and “he puts in suspension” arbitrarily, without any causative and without any jurisdictional process the legally elected president of GTKF E. Persidis and “he names” from the … Belgrade his friend P. Drakopoulos in Persidis’ place!!!


On December 13, 2012, I sent the next e-mail to Dr. Jorga:


Dear Dr. Vladimir Jorga


In a recent court action from Mr. Drakopoulos against Greek Traditional Karate Federation (GTKF) and against me personally as the president of this federation, Mr. Drakopoulos presented the attachment letter from you “To Whom it may concern”, in which you confirm that I am suspended from representative and president of GTKF and as active representative and president of GTKF is Mr. Drakopoulos – 7 dan!

I want to ask you if really you wrote and signed this letter?

An urgent answer would be appreciated.  



Efthymios Persidis

President of Greek Traditional Karate Federation


In this mail Dr. Jorga has not answered up to today January 15, 2013, in spite of he declares in his letter that:

“For all further information regarding this matter É'm at your disposal. 

(And he signs below this!!!)


I considered my obligation to notify you the above matters, because I consider that you should know them!


Sincerely yours

Efthymios Persidis

President of Greek Traditional Karate Federation



  Summarising the Caesar's Frauds from September 19, 2012. 

 This is why we are not an Olympic Sport. 



Copyright © 1945-2045 Thymios Persidis, Fraud Hunter by Hobby!



 Comments 19/9/2012:  


As you see, the minutes of the meeting is close to stories for children! In a glimpse:


1 - First of all, the General Meeting took place on November 11, 2010, and the ITKF International Office send the Minutes to the member federations with the Speed of ... Light on September 19, 2012!

2 - They write the countries without mention the representatives of each country. (Did the ... countries be there?)

3 - There is no Agenda, the issues for discussion in series. 

4 - In the Chairman's Report has been written: "Financial Statements were presented, discussed and approved", but no financial report accompanies the Minutes! Where the money have gone???

5 - The Legal Advice Committee is created by four layers (!!!) for a world federation without a legal status until that day and the same afterwards until to today!!! What they did before and after that General Meeting???

6 - A Marketing Committee is created to "open" an e-shop in order to "Develop and recommend a line of ITKF products"!

7 - The Budget analysis was not anything else but the "ITKF invoice politics" for dan, couches, and judges registration fees!!! No proof data for the ITKF incomes of these reasons for the past two years!!!

8 - "Qualifications, Registrations and Renewals will be a measurement of Membership participation as outlined in the Membership Criteria within the Business Plan."   The result is "As much you pay, you double vote! As less you pay, you loose your voting right!"

9 - The Minutes must be accompanied by the regional Reports! NO-Report was accompanying the Minutes!

10 - The first subjects that might be discussed are the regional reports for the previous period and afterwards anything else! They took them upside down!

11 - Finally, no report from anybody for any work for the last two years was discussed, like ITKF did not exist!!!


 Comments 7/12/2012:  


12 - He was a little bit late, but he finally got the good idea:  "$2000 each, but we accept anything you have the pleasure!!!"


"ITKF Legal Fund Established to Pursue Court Action re: IOC Recognition"


Where is the Money???


 Comments 2/1/2013:  


12 - From the Attachments: "One": The envelop proves that ITKF correspond with "its member" GTKF! "Two": the letter proves that the Chairman urges the "ITKF members" to pay their annual fees, of which he does not give any financial report with the Minutes of 2010 General Meeting. "Three": the "invoice" (which is illegal as we will see) and the bank account for the payment prove that "GTKF is an ITKF member". "Four": For our convenience ITKF gives alternative ways of payment! "Five": This is the bonus-malus in voting rights of how much you pay !!!



 Comments 15/1/2012:  


 12a - Unlawful interference of Mr. Vladimir Yorga in the internals of the Greek Traditional Karate Federation!