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Lodz, 16 May 2013


To:                   ITKF Member Federations




Cc:                  - ITKF Board of Directors

- ITKF Office



Dear ITKF Member,


On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 7th Traditional Karate ITKF World Cup we are writing this letter to inform you that the ITKF Chairman Mr. Richard Jorgensen is trying to illegally boycott the 2013 ITKF World Cup to be held on 15 June in Lublin (Poland).


Please find attached recent correspondence Mr. Jorgensen wrote to the ITKF Board of Directors and our response to this letter. He called the mail-in vote of the ITKF Board of Directors on the recommendation to cancel the 2013 ITKF World Cup. Without any legal basis, he decided by himself that non-participation in this vote will be taken as confirmation of his recommendation. This is against any democratic rules and there is no such rule at the ITKF.


Despite our huge astonishment after reading this letter, we realized this is not a matter for the Board only but for all the people who belong to the ITKF. This is the time we should start to speak aloud                           about Mr. Jorgensen’s actions that break the ITKF constitutional regulations and decisions of the ITKF Congress. WE ARE THE ITKF and we will no longer allow for such behaviour of the ITKF Chairman.


We will continue the tradition…Everybody is welcomed to come for the 7th Traditional Karate ITKF World Cup Lublin 2013!




 Sincerely Yours,


Włodzimierz Kwieciński


Traditional Karate Federation of Poland





1.      Letter from the ITKF Chairman Mr. Richard Jorgensen to the ITKF Board of Directors dated May 11, 2013.

2.      Response letter from the ITKF Vice-President Mr. Włodzimierz Kwieciński (mail-in vote) dated May 15, 2013.

3.      List of athletes and judges of the 2013 ITKF World Cup.



  Summarising the Caesar's Frauds from September 19, 2012. 

 This is why we are not an Olympic Sport. 



Copyright © 1945-2045 Thymios Persidis, Fraud Hunter by Hobby!



 Comments 19/9/2012:  


As you see, the minutes of the meeting is close to stories for children! In a glimpse:


 - First of all, the General Meeting took place on November 11, 2010, and the ITKF International Office send the Minutes to the member federations with the Speed of ... Light on September 19, 2012!

2 - They write the countries without mention the representatives of each country. (Did the ... countries be there?)

3 - There is no Agenda, the issues for discussion in series. 

4 - In the Chairman's Report has been written: "Financial Statements were presented, discussed and approved", but no financial report accompanies the Minutes! Where the money have gone???

5 - The Legal Advice Committee is created by four layers (!!!) for a world federation without a legal status until that day and the same afterwards until to today!!! What they did before and after that General Meeting???

6 - A Marketing Committee is created to "open" an e-shop in order to "Develop and recommend a line of ITKF products"!

7 - The Budget analysis was not anything else but the "ITKF invoice politics" for dan, couches, and judges registration fees!!! No proof data for the ITKF incomes of these reasons for the past two years!!!

8 - "Qualifications, Registrations and Renewals will be a measurement of Membership participation as outlined in the Membership Criteria within the Business Plan."   The result is "As much you pay, you double vote! As less you pay, you loose your voting right!"

9 - The Minutes must be accompanied by the regional Reports! NO-Report was accompanying the Minutes!

10 - The first subjects that might be discussed are the regional reports for the previous period and afterwards anything else! They took them upside down!

11 - Finally, no report from anybody for any work for the last two years was discussed, like ITKF did not exist!!!


 Comments 7/12/2012:  


12 - He was a little bit late, but he finally got the good idea:  "$2000 each, but we accept anything you have the pleasure!!!"


"ITKF Legal Fund Established to Pursue Court Action re: IOC Recognition"


Where is the Money???


 Comments 2/1/2013:  


12 - From the Attachments: "One": The envelop proves that ITKF correspond with "its member" GTKF! "Two": the letter proves that the Chairman urges the "ITKF members" to pay their annual fees, of which he does not give any financial report with the Minutes of 2010 General Meeting. "Three": the "invoice" (which is illegal as we will see) and the bank account for the payment prove that "GTKF is an ITKF member". "Four": For our convenience ITKF gives alternative ways of payment! "Five": This is the bonus-malus in voting rights of how much you pay !!!


 Comments 15/1/2012:  


 12a - Unlawful interference of Mr. Vladimir Yorga in the internals of the Greek Traditional Karate Federation!



 Comments on the 11/5/2013 letter of Mr. Jorgensen "TO ALL ITKF BOARD OF DIRECTORS" with Re: Cancellation of Proposed ITKF World Cup, Lublin, Poland  (Attachment 1, above):


13 - The man is mad!!! For such a very serious matter, as the World Cup is, he calls the Board of Directors (what kind of directors are they ???) to cancel it according to his opinion and without any written proof of nullity!!!

14 - The man is two times mad!!! He is blackmailing the result of the others' opinion with the phrase: "I request your mail-in vote regarding this recommendation to via return e-mail by Friday, May 15, 2013 at 5:00 pm EST. Non-participation in this vote will be taken as confirmation of this recommendation." 

Only Hitler had the vote of the ... deads!!!