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 Re: PZKT Suspension at the ITKF and ITKF Constitution


From: ITKF Office []
Sent: Saturday, June 29, 2013, 12:07 am

To: ITKF Members
Subject: Re: PZKT Suspension at the ITKF

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Dear PZKT, ITKF Board of Directors, et al., 


The ITKF Office received PZKT's email dated Friday, June 28, 2013 with the attached letters and would like to clarify the following to their statement below:  

PZKT's "Letter On Suspension of PZKT" states,

The most surprising in the entire situation is the fact that  the ITKF Chariman is referring all the time to the ITKF Constitution but we have confirmation right from the ITKF Office that at present the ITKF does not have an official version of the valid ITKF Constitution because the ITKF Office has not updated this document for many years. See attached an e-mail from Ms. Nami Nishiyama the ITKF Office Manager. When asked for the valid ITKF Constitution she responded: () we must gather all the historical information from all Meeting Minutes and compare them to all General Conress Business Plans in order to have an accurate record of what has been amended prior to the 1990s. 

As well, PZKT includes the attached document "Email-ITKF Constitution" which does not include their original email request to which our office, in our May 23 email, was referencing.  Please see below copy of their email dated Monday, May 20, 2013.



To clarify, the ITKF Office does not yet have the current ITKF Constitution printed and ready for distribution.  However, this is not to say the ITKF Office and the ITKF Chairman does not have all records of meeting minutes to all Board of Directors, Technical Committee and the General Congress Meetings and its approved amendments from the time of IAKF to reference.  As PZKT's May 20, 2013 email requested the valid ITKF Constitution, in addition, requested within their May 21, 2013 email confirmation of the listed amendments by the deadline date of May 24, 2013, I responded within my email dated May 23, 2013 to the fact our office was not able to confirm by their requested deadline date.  To assume this to mean the ITKF Chairman does not have access to the historical amendments and current ITKF Constitution is a misinterpretation and the ITKF Office is happy to clarify any miscommunication that may have taken place with its communication with PZKT.  

The ITKF Office has made it a priority to complete the task of a completed, updated ITKF Constitution to distribute to its National Federation members shortly and we apologize for the delay.

Please feel free to contact the ITKF Office directly with any further questions or concerns or if we may be of any further assistance to the above matter.



Nami Nishiyama

Office Manager

ITKF International Office


1930 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite #503

Los Angeles, California, 90057


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