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Publicity of Traditional Karate hot news is an obligation for a karate web site and a right of karate practitioners to be informed.

These are the GTKF short and long answers

to ITKF Jorgensen and ETKF Yorga

 (Click here for the long answer with Attachement-2 and Attachement-3)

Richard Jorgensen,

ITKF Chairman

The short answer:

Either you consider us as member of ITKF and ETKF or not, we prohibit any event of traditional karate in Greece that is organized without the approval and control of GTKF, because it is illegal on the base of the athletic and tax laws of our country. For this reason ITKF and ETKF must cancel the Summer Camp in New Flogita both from its web site and with emails to all the ITKF and ETKF members IMMEDIATELY.
Please, be sure that we can stop and we are going to stop this Camp!

"Greek Traditional Karate Federation"

Vladimir Yorga,

ETKF President

June 29, 2013: Here is a Fudokan Federation seminar, from our neighbor FYROM and Vencislav Nedev in the same place Nea Flogita, Halkidiki, Greece, again with Vladimir Yorga as trainer too. How much acceptable is for the "president of ETKF" to use his ETKF title promoting events of a different federation??? This proves that the same trainers will run the ITKF Summer Camp.

June 29, 2013: Here is the GTKF SECOND answer to Mr. Jorgensen.

June 28, 2013: At the same time, ETKF and its president Vladimir Yorga invites us to a party, that HE organizes in ... OUR home!!!

June 26, 2013:  Here is Mr. Jorgensen's reply.

June 24, 2013: Here is the GTKF FIRST answer to this unethical violation.

June 15, 2013: ITKF and President Jorgensen organize an event for Traditional Karate ... in Nea Flogita, Halkidiki, Greece, the ITKF annual Summer Camp, without asking or informing GTKF! So simple! Says that Greece is the ... backyard of his house!!! Here is the email information to all ITKF members and here is the announcement in the ITKF web site. In both two announcements they do not name the trainers! Who are the trainers? And the nice thing is that the money for the participation ($1200 per individual) deposited in foreign bank! We talk about the perfect black money laundering!

December 2012: P. Drakopoulos tries again with new court action to take illegally the administration of GTKF. This time he brings a letter full of lies from his friend Mr. Vladimir Yorga against E. Persidis personally. The decision of this court action comes on January 2013 and Drakopoulos loses again! E. Persidis prosecutes Drakopoulos and Yorga for their lies in this letter and the affair is found in development yet. E. Persidis writes a letter to the ITKF President Mr. Jorgensen denouncing Mr. Vladimir Yorga actions. No answer!

2007 to 2013: P. Drakopoulos publishes illegally traditional karate diplomas with his name as "affiliated with ITKF"!!! Via whom is "affiliated with ITKF"???

July 2007: GTKF erases P. Drakopoulos for many reasons and P. Drakopoulos accepts this for 4-5 years. Then  P. Drakopoulos, after his deletion from GTKF, tries again to "sell" traditional karate diplomas without to have any place in the GTKF, which has the sole rights for traditional karate in Greece!!!

2005 to today (2013): P. Drakopoulos tries with a personally court-war to exterminate financially E. Persidis in order to take the control of the GTKF again in his hands, but he loses all the juridical affairs. Yerolimpos does the same. Drakopoulos cooperates with Yerolimpos against Persidis.

December 2004: P. Drakopoulos with his friends in the Administrative Board (AB) prevents the GTKF elections for a new AB and in February 2005 some associations of GTKF ask for a new AB from the court. The same is repeated itself 3-4 times until 2007, when E. Persidis wins the administration of the GTKF (and he is the President until today).

January 2002: P. Drakopoulos resigns from president and undertake as technical manager in GTKF. Efthymios Persidis undertakes the position of the President.

1996 to 2000: Persidis testifies against Yerolimpos and WUKO in three trials and finally GTKF wins the court decision. GTKF wins the court-war and GTKF is recognized by the Supreme Court of Greece as the only legal Greek federation that manage Traditional Karate in Greece.

January 1995: GTKF becomes legal with a constitution according to the Greek laws with Panagiotis Drakopoulos as president and Efthymios Persidis as general secretary. At the same time the Hellenic Karate Federation (the Greek branch of WKF/WUKO with president George Yerolimpos, general secretary of WKF/WUKO) tries to seize traditional karate rights from GTKF.

1994: HAKF changes its name to Hellenic Karate Federation (HKF) and George Yerolimpos accomplishes to control it as vice-president in the beginning and president afterwards.

1990: HTKF and G. Panagiotides leave ITKF for Mr. Kanazawa's organization, because the president of the European branch of the ITKF Mr. Vladimir Yorga tries to manage the Greek Karate. Mr. Panagiotis Drakopoulos undertake to run a new federation of continuing membership to ITKF with the name "Greek Traditional Karate Federation" (GTKF).

1987: ITKF changes its name to International Traditional Karate Federation - ITKF.

1986: The Hellenic Traditional Karate Federation (HTKF) is created with George Panagiotides as its President. HTKF becomes member of the International Amateur Karate Federation (IAKF) with Master Hidetaka Nishiyama as its Chairman. Vladimir Yorga and Ilija Yorga teach karate in the dojo of Mr. Panagiotides.

1986: Hellenic Amateur Karate Federation (HAKF) is founded in Greece as member of WUKO. Takis Makris is its president and E. Persidis is its general secretary. For six years HAKF is hosted in E. Persidis office.

1980: E. Persidis creates the "Shotokan Karate Urban Company" and undertakes as general secretary.

November 1977: E. Persidis starts the publishing of the unique for 17 years in Greece monthly magazine of martial arts "DYNAMIC JUDO-KARATE".

March 1966: Efthymios Persidis buys the book "Karate, the Art of Empty Hand Fighting" by Hidetaka Nishiyama, first edition 1960, twenty-third printing 1965, and he starts practicing in judo and karate.