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June 20, 2013 - Retro announcement



Dear 2013 Summer Camp Participants


I forgot to say to you that everything I wrote is not only my own opinion, but also others as you will understand, I hope, from this letter of the Polish Federation chairman Mr.  Wlodzimierz Kwiecinski!!!  But now your money is gone!


E. Persidis

Traditional Karate versus Monkey Karate

"Tradition" means "respect to your teachers".

"Respect" means "to the others more than to yourself".

If you forget respect, you destroy tradition!

If you remove tradition from your karate, it becomes monkey-karate!

Then, you have no difference from WUKO!

Is this what you want?

All national traditional karate federations must condemn
this illegal ITKF Summer Camp in Greece!!! If they do not do this, then they put under contestation all black belts registered by ITKF from 1975, as results of commercial transaction!!!