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 GTKF supports Mr. Kwiecinski and PZKT


From: Thymios Persidis []
Sent: Monday, July 8, 2013, 1:11 pm

To: ''
Cc: ITKF Members
Subject: We support Mr. Kwiecinski and PZKT


Greek Traditional Karate Federation

C/O Efthymios Persidis, President

54 Katsoni Labrou, 11471 Athens, Greece



Athens, July 8, 2013



To the ITKF Office

Mrs. Nami Nishiyama,


RE: We support Mr. Kwiecinski movements.


Dear Mrs. Nami Nishiyama


With the target all the next to be done, we ask the resignation of Mr. Jorgensen and we support the movements of Mr. Kwiecinski.

You have sent notices to us for annual fees that GTKF owes to the ITKF Office from 2009, but the ITKF Office and the ITKF do not have fulfill their own obligations towards GTKF all these years. How do you ask, therefore, from us to pay, to whom and why?

With your 19.2.2012 email you send us the Minutes of the ITKF 2010 General Meeting in Curitiba, Brazil, with a delay of two years.  This is unacceptable?

You have sent to us neither all the precedents from 1998 and up to today 2013 Minutes of General Meetings nor the Financial Reports with the balance-sheets of income and expenses for all these years, so that we know what becomes with the fund of ITKF.  You have the obligation to send all these even to the federations members of ITKF that cannot send representative in the General Meetings. 

It is always obvious that even if somewhere we disagree with the course of ITKF it maintain our right to withdraw from ITKF. We should know precisely how much money the ITKF collects from annual fees, from sanctioned events, Qualifications, Registrations and Renewals. We disagree vertical with each philosophy where the Qualifications, Registrations, and Renewals must be measurement of Membership participation. In this way the first-entering countries will not have any vote, as also the countries that have traditional karate in low level, with result all these are prays of decisions of countries with developed traditional karate.  This does not draw new countries to become members of ITKF, but it drives them out of ITKF. It is not democratic, but fascistic. Maybe certain federations like this, but here we do not play poker! Here we have national federations that give report in their governments, and these national federations will remain for always the poor relatives that will pay for advanced federations. This is unacceptable and we do not agree.  The base of operation of a world athletic federation is the democratic and equal attendance of its members, as IOC Principles also indicate. The big countries participate with the same rights and the same obligations with the small countries. No one has the right bypass this rule directly or indirectly. Each such violation that leads countries out of world athletic federations will be denounced to IOC and this is not something that ITKF wants.

It will be supposed also we must nominally know for each year all those who pay fees, Qualifications, Registrations, and Renewals and must exist tables with the names, dates and other data of everyone who has an ITKF diploma. If this does not become, then ITKF has been changed in a lucrative personal enterprise of two individuals so that it is not our interest to participate.

Provisionally, the GTKF will support the Mr. Jorgensen withdraw from chairman, to be re-examined the attendances of federations of members with basic criterion their recognition in their countries, to become democratic elections for provisional Board of Directors, to definitive a democratic (and no person-central) statute of world athletic federation and to become final elections with base this statute, which must be signed from all the ITKF members that have the essential qualifications of a member.

Four individuals cannot possess a place in the B.D. together with a place in the technical committee and have in this way the chance of sixty national federations in their hands. Double places should be prohibited with article of the statute. They cannot other members have two votes and others no one. A national federation is member with one vote or is not a member. It does not exist in the world the notion I erase you from member, but you will pay the annual fees for all the next years of your life! Who usurer imagined this!

Until all the precedents become, we ask the resignation of Mr. Jorgensen and we support the movements of Mr. Kwiecinski.


With athletic greetings


Efthymios Persidis

President, Greek Traditional Karate Federation