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 Avi Rokah's Reply to: ITKF Chairman's Message - Let's Visit The FACTS


From: Avi Rokah []

Sent: Monday, July 8, 2013, 8:41 pm

To: ChairmanITKF
Cc: ITKF Members
Subject: Re: ITKF Chairman's Message - Let's Visit The FACTS

Thank you, Mr. Jorgensen, for the elaborate response.

As I said in my initial letter, I usually shy away from the behind-the-scenes politics in our organization. For me, karate is not about politics, certificates, trademarks, boards and organizational structures; it is about spirit, technique, and discipline. I don't wish to put words in Sensei Nishiyama's mouth, but it seems to me everything he did, including the formation of the ITKF, was first and foremost to support karate teaching. Whether I am Shodan or Rokudan, the 27 years I spent training with Sensei Nishiyama are a gift that was given to me, and I am trying to pay it forward. I stand by my technical assessment, and statements about that which I have seen with my own eyes on the dojo floor.

We seem to agree on one very important point -- the ITKF is in trouble, and there are important decisions to be made. I will be the first to admit I am no expert in organizational matters... but I know dysfunction when I see it. In fact, all personal attacks removed from the below, it seems the only substantive difference of opinion between us is that I think organizational problems are the responsibility of leaders, whereas Mr. Jorgenson wishes to blame everyone else, and tell us that if we change anything the universe might collapse around us. Again, as I said before, the future of the ITKF is in our collective hands.

These matters cannot wait until 2014. A good leader would see that and promote discussions to fix things. Mr. Jorgenson, if you wish to explain your ideas for moving things forward, you would be most welcome at the conference in Poland on August 17th.


   Avi Rokah