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 The illegal Summer Camp of ITKF in Greece.  



July 9, 2013.

From Greek Traditional Karate Federation (GTKF), member of International TKF and European TKF.

To all karate people and the relative karate magazines all over the world.


Subject: The illegal Summer Camp of ITKF in Greece.


First Part

As in detail we expose below, with from 15-6-2013 email ITKF Office (Mrs. Nami Nishiyama) announced with letter of chairman of ITKF (Mr. Jorgensen) and with the attendance of chairman of ETKF (Mr. Vladimir Yorga) the realization of the annual Summer Camp (seminar of "fast learning" with handing-over of diplomas for dan grades, instructors and arbitrators in traditional karate) in coastal hotel in Greece (New Flogita, Halkidiki) for the interval 12-18/7/2013 without ITKF has informed previously the national federation of our country GTKF and without it has taken its authorization.

Richard Jorgensen,

ITKF Chairman

 The debit for this seminar is $1200 per individual deposited in account of bank in the Los Angeles! It moves us particularly that the chairman of ITKF Richard Jorgensen "sells" for 1200 dollars a piece the diplomas for dan, instructors and arbitrators pouring simultaneously a … swimming-pool crocodile tears for the maintenance of "quality of traditional karate"!


 On the base of the athletic law of our country, each sport in Greece is managed by only one federation and for the traditional karate this is the GTKF. Consequently each traditional karate event without the approval, monitoring and control of GTKF is illegal. Automatically, illegal is also the income of money for this seminar as well as the diplomas that will be granted are invalid as emanating from illegal activity.


The GTKF and its president E. Persidis  explained with a lot of ways and many emails to the above three persons that the organization of this seminar is an offence to the GTKF and Greece and it would be supposed to be cancelled, but the above have not cancelled this seminar up to today.

Vladimir Yorga,

ETKF President

 It is proved, therefore, that the above three "associates" enter as common thieves in the Greek space and "steal" the rights of GTKF.


 This particular behavior of Richard Jorgensen, Nami Nishiyama and Vladimir Yorga does not represent the moral values, the meritocracy and the virtuous administration of ITKF as world federation of national federations, but it represents personal objectives of the three above individuals, that is nothing else than the "sales of" diplomas of dan, instructors and arbitrators. They are not interested for the ITKF and its problems, that are many the last time, but they are interested “to milk ITKF as a cow” before they lose this cow from their hands!

 Consequently, with their actions, it is natural to be considered that the above three individuals placed automatically themselves out from ITKF.


Second Part

At the same time, it is useful to remember for a while in the background of GTKF for the last few years.

From 1995 until 2002 president of GTKF was P. Drakopoulos, besides from 2002 until 2004 and from 2007 up to today E. Persidis. Drakopoulos and Persidis came in conflict in 2003 because the first "was selling" dan diplomas of GTKF concealedly from GTKF and kept the money for himself instead of to attributes in the fund of GTKF (about 400 dipl x 200€ = about 80.000 € from 1995 to 2005).

 After many court decisions E. Persidis gained the elections in the GTKF in 2007 and with decision of Administrative Council cancelled all these diplomas, even Drakopoulos’ 6th and 7th dan even they had been published by the ITKF! From then Drakopoulos "hunts" Persidis in courts in order to exterminate him economically, but he has lost all of them. In this effort Drakopoulos collaborates with Vladimir Yorga (“president” of ETKF) and George Yerolimpos (general secretary of WUKO/WKF), while simultaneously from 2005 he cannot give any diplomas of traditional karate in his dojo.


 It is obvious, therefore, that the seminar in Halkidiki suits absolutely with the weakness of Drakopoulos to give diplomas of traditional karate in Greece and with the favour of Mr. Yorga to Drakopoulos. Likely, Drakopoulos is the fourth associate in this seminar. (?)


 Just today Drakopoulos circulated an email to the members of GTKF with the supposedly results of his courts against Persidis.

The things he writes are inaccurate and false and as perfectly stupidities I do not deal to answer. Certainly our affairs are in the competence of Greek justice. From this email however let us we keep

1) that he admits that I am the president of GTKF,

2) that he admits that he collaborates with the "number one enemy of ITKF" George Yerolimpos, and

3) that he sends this email today that the illegal seminar in Halkidiki a) it is in danger to be cancelled, b) it exposes his friend Vladimir Yorga.


Third Part

The GTKF addressing to the national federations members of ITKF asks they do not allow to their members to take part in this illegal seminar, because except that they offend the GTKF and Greece, they offend also the independence of each country-member of ITKF even theirs, because such a seminar will constitute precedent.

At the same time, ITKF itself as world federation will be supposed to cancel each diploma that will be published in this illegal seminar.

(So much idiots you are that you believe that all countries will accept their athletes to be judged by judges from this seminar???)


Let us not forget that the ITKF belongs to its members, neither to the chairman, nor to the employees of its office.

The GTKF, addressing to the Greeks that by any chance think to take part in this seminar, explains for umpteenth time that the diplomas that they by any chance take in this seminar are for the garbage, provided that they are published inside the limits of Greece and are not approved from the GTKF, the unique federation that has the right of publication of such diplomas.

You will lose your money and you might not claim neither diplomas from the POPK nor money from the organizers, because already you have informed in time!


Of course, we do not recognize any diploma with the signatures of Mr. Richard Jorgensen or/and Mr. Vladimir Yorga. They are not "karate instructors", but just "diplomas salesmen"!!!  So, do not be idiots!!!


With athletic greetings.


E. Persidis


Greek Traditional Karate Federation


From Greek Traditional Karate Federation

Athens, Greece


Athens, July 7, 2013


Dear friends,

You must take into consideration and you estimate the next data in your decisions with regard to the traditional karate seminar in Halkidiki, Greece, under the "teaching" of Messrs. Jorgensen and Yorga.

In the ITKF, they have been created finally many infringing situations. This proves its bad administration from the chairman Mr. Jorgensen and the director of ITKF office Mrs. Nami Nishiyama with result the ITKF to go for elections. This has been denounced by the Polish federation and by a lot of others with the team of which comes out also the Greek federation. Messrs. Jorgensen and Yorga collapse from their places!

 The seminar in Greece, where diplomas of dan, instructors and arbitrators will be given for $1200 per individual, is obvious that it is the last effort (and what they seize!) exploitation of ITKF with sales of diplomas from the above and for this reason it is indifferent to them the illegality that they commit.

 It is obvious that the above sell diplomas for dan, instructors and arbitrators without any value selling out thus the ITKF and the memory of Master Nishiyama. The national federations will be supposed to come in the place of GTKF and to understand that they have the obligation to show withholding and to prohibit to their members to take part in this seminar, because is offended the wider interest of traditional karate, which belongs to the total of athletes, instructors, associations and federations and not ito the above three individuals.  

It is also obvious that the GTKF will try to stop the realization of this seminar defended its rights in the Greek space. This will become with juridical decision, with the police and with the Prosecution of Economic Crime, after illegal economic activity is held inside Greece by persons that do not have right for this and the money of their "black" wage "are laundering" via bank of abroad. If Greek individuals are mixed in this illegal affair, then we will ask also their economic activities to be searched of in-depth time up to 2000!  

It is obvious the possibility also of Mr. Drakopoulos (friend of Mr. Yorga) with his students participation in the seminar, after he cannot give diplomas in other way in Greece, but also karateka from Cyprus. To all them I stress for one more time that it constitutes natural next, any diploma is given in illegal seminar to be already invalid for each Greek with decision of Greek federation, but also for each not Greek it will be cancelled with decision of world federation, which leaves from the hands of Jorgensen and ITKF Office.

 Do not lose your time and your money in a affair in which you are the fulls for two-three supposedly intelligent!


With athletic greetings


Efthymios Persidis


Greek Traditional Karate Federation

(former publisher of "DYNAMIC JUDO-KARATE")