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 GTKF in the Extraordi­nary General Assembly on August 17, 2013!  

 ITKF: No Financial Reports for Years!


From: Thymios Persidis []
Sent: Tuesday, July 16, 2013, 11:07 am
To: 'ITKF Members

Greek Traditional Karate Federation

C/O Efthymios Persidis, President

54 Katsoni Labrou, 11471 Athens, Greece




Athens, July 16, 2013



To all national federations members of ITKF



RE: GTKF will participate with its opinions and its vote from distance in the Extraordinary General Assembly that will be organized by the PLKT on August 17, 2013!



Honourable gentlemen


The statute of ITKF and Mr. Jorgensen

The statute of a world federation is legal when it has been voted by article and in total in a legal general assembly, that was convened aiming at its discussion and voting in concrete date, brings the signatures of legal representatives of legal national federations of federation-members and has been deposited in responsible juridical authority of the country, that has been declared as seat of the federation, which is the country in which the secretary and its secretariat finds itself, with the laws of which country this statute will be supposed is harmonized.

Finally I informed (after a lot of years where I asked it) that the statute of ITKF is defective and I know very well its faults! It is obvious that without legal statute ITKF functions illegally, thing that means that in any action by the ITKF, the one that is offended can draw it in the courts in order to cancels this action and to be compensated! Any country with damage by decision of ITKF, it will gain any court action against ITKF!

Based on the above, PZTK, as member of ITKF, has every right, as also each other ITKF-member, to organize Extraordinary General Assembly on this hot subject of statute and the course of ITKF.

For a lot of years ITKF functions without legal statute and all the people who managed it they have heavy responsibility for this! Mainly those that require and gather money, because they are guilty of deceit!

All of you know the reason for this: because the ITKF was a world federation of an individual! And to this individual no one dare to says no! This is the result!

Mr. Jorgensen, this out of any description type who auto-named himself chairman of ITKF, says us that "it is in effect the statute that we (did not) signed in 2001 and with it everything that was agreed every two years for the next twelve years"!

If you go with this statement to court, the judge will fly you from the window!

Our countries, which we represent in traditional karate, have requirement from us to participate in legal world federation and not in an illegal federation! If they discover our attendance in illegal federation, they will put us in prison! The people who have taken government subsidies from their governments for their national federations, if they think the responsibility that they have, they will lose their sleep! As we do not speak of course for the place of ITKF opposite to IOC!!!

As much as if you do not like, as much as if you have shocked, this is the truth! And all you know why we have reached in this point? Because most of you are technicians of traditional karate and you consider as taboo you dispute the opinions of your superiors!

What becomes however when this taboo leads to current world situation ???

I am not technician of traditional karate, but administrative with experience of thirty years in administration of athletic federations and I see all these with a first glance! Do you want suddenly your own labors and your students’ also of 10, 20, 30 or 40 years to go lost? Do you want to do karate inside the four walls of your dojo or karate with world distribution and impression? I believe that you want the second.

At the same time, the deletion of Polish Federation from the ITKF with decision of Mr. Jorgensen is a fascist action and it could happen to each country! The organization of ITKF Summer Camp in Greece despite the prohibition of GTKF is also a fascist action and it could happen to each country! And these became because we do not have democratic statute. (But we have Mr. Jorgensen!)

Consequently, the ITKF should be legalized immediately!

And this discussion should become between only national federations of countries, legal in their country, one for each country with one vote for each federation and beginning from null base on all the already formulated articles of existing drawing of statute and on the additions in this.

Consequently it will be supposed Mr. Jorgensen resigns, because he was proved perfectly inadequate for the illegally acquired place of chairman of ITKF, and if he does not we can … resign him, and, after first a provisional administration is fixed in the ITKF, to be formulated very rapidly a new statute which will be dispatched to the members of ITKF for agreement, disagreement, thoughts and proposals and it will be voted immediately, even remotely (an easy thing).

Before this it will be supposed it is determined which federations are ITKF members and they have right to vote! This briefing with probative elements on the vote right will be supposed to go to all naturally. We should we advance step by step and before each next step we must agree in the precedent.

The GTKF will participate with its opinions and its vote from distance in the Extraordinary General Assembly that the PLKT organizes!

It will not be supposed to depend the big decisions only from these federations that have the possibility of assisting in the Assembly, but also from these they do not have this possibility, who can vote with electronic document.


The Office of ITKF and his debits to the federations

On the base of table of debits of fees (ATT-1) from the ITKF Office and pre-required qualifications of national federations for attendance in ITKF (ATT-2), I made a off-hand calculation for the annual income of ITKF and I give it to you in the table ATT-3, with the request you study it.

In this calculation I took into my consideration minimal means and at estimate numbers smaller than real.

The results of this approach for chronologies around 2010 it was of resulting that the ITKF collects the enormous sums of roughly $ 589,600 each year and $ 146,000 each two years. And this began 25 years ago from small sums, which increasing from then until today henceforth have become so much big, so that we should change its name from ITKF to … ITKFC, that is to say … International Traditional Karate Franchise Corporation!!!

Of course the above calculations are not precise. The precise calculations can give enough bigger or smaller sums. In every case, however, the ITKF, if it functioned with transparency, (thing that never happened), it would be supposed to inform in annual base its members with the nominal and numerical tables for each diploma that publishes also each sum that collects (thing that also never happened), in order that its members have precise picture of its finances, nominal lists of its technicians as well as in detail growth and right of vote of each federation-member.

This last is another … hat! First time I hear someone can buy vote-rights or lose them for punishment depending on the money that he pays or does not pay to the ITKF! And don’t tell me that this keeps the quality of traditional karate in… high level, because you don’t fraud me but yourself! Is this the way you will pull new countries in the ITKF and will ask for Olympic recognition?

GTKF is the alone legal national federation for traditional karate in Greece, it will never pay "false money" and it will never abandon its rights in traditional karate. And not only the GTKF, but also all the small or poor federations that fight to develop traditional karate under very difficult conditions in their countries! Instead of helping us, you take us slaves! Forget it!

If a general assembly insists in such practices, then the GTKF will denounce it to every direction. In all sports small and big countries pay the same annual subscription to the world federation and have the same right of vote in the general assemblies.

All the other scripts are for TV - serials!


The heritage of Master Nishiyama

All show that when the honorable and respectable Master Nishiyama passed away in November 2008 all the ITKF files were lost. I personally had asked from the ITKF Office the Greeks with dan that were registered in the ITKF and as answer I took a form from Mrs. Nami Nishiyama in order to supplement (!!!) the Greeks that were registered in the ITKF.

Mrs. Nami Nishiyama still searches to find the additions in the statute of ITKF from the old general assemblies, so that she incorporates them in this. This is enough to render the statute illegal. And it has still twenty (!) faults! Consequently, files of ITKF do not exist and after January 1, 2009, ITKF is built on the sand! The passage in the new administration was never clarified satisfactorily. All were dark and directed, but mainly we did not have democratic elections!

Consequently, with respect to the rights of national federations in this world sport, it will be supposed we advance from null base to the from the start creation of a modern democratic, open and creative athletic federation.

Consequently, the extraordinary general assembly of the August 17, 2013, is as necessary as never and let's leave Mr. Jorgensen to make useless seminars in Greece.


With athletic greetings



Efthymios Persidis

President,  Greek Traditional Karate Federation;;