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 ITKF to All ITKF Member National Federations  


To:  All ITKF Member National Federations



Dear Member,


Attached please find letter from Mr. Richard Jorgensen, ITKF Chairman, regarding the ITKF response to the July 20, 2013 letter from PZKT.


Thank You and Best Regards,


Tati Eugenio

Administrative Secretary, ITKF

ITKF International Office
1930 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite #503

Los Angeles, California, 90057
(Telephone) 213.483.8261
(Fax) 213.483.4060



 Comments 25/7/2013a:

Not a Word about ITKF financials!


31 -  Short answers to Mr. Jorgensen's letter!!!


"In English there is a saying – “They have thrown us a Red Herring.”  This folklore saying is based on the practice used in Britain where a “Red Herring” (herring turns red when smoked and has a very strong smell) was dragged across the trail of the fox to mask the scent of the fox and send the hounds involved in the fox hunt down a false trail.  It became a common saying to describe any situation where “giving a false trail” was used to mask the real issues and divert attention from them.  It certainly applies to the recent letter sent by Mr. Kwiecinski to all National Federations concerning the ITKF being in a suspended status with the State of California."


It better applies to your behavior!


"However, it is important to realize that the true reality of the situation is not the result of the management of the current Chairman or ITKF office.  Rather, this situation was inherited from the previous Chairman, the late Sensei Nishiyama and the former ITKF administrator, Ms. Aiko Tori.  Consequently, Mr. Kwiecinski in one single stroke has been able to do what neither WUKO, nor WKF have been able to accomplish through decades of effort.  That is, tarnish the reputation and legacy of Sensei Nishiyama, Ms. Tori and that of the ITKF itself.  And for what purpose?  It appears only for the purpose of vindictive and narcissistic self-interest."


You must not accuse Mr. Kwiecinski. We know to judge him.

And you must not invoke Master Nishiyama.

You are guilty from the moment you undertake the ITKF!


For the rest you say, the “suspended status” as an automatic policy of the State of California means the picture to the right for the ITKF and you with Nami Nishiyama are continuing to collect big money at the name of ITKF without giving any account to anyone!


Where the money is???


"National Federation members should consider carefully what is being done to the ITKF.  A number of members have suggested that perhaps this is a strategy of WKF to finally destroy ITKF.  I don’t know if that is the case, but I do know the behavior exhibited is both bizarre and destructive to ITKF.  The ITKF should be united at this moment as it is the best possible opportunity for our organization to make the strides forward we have been attempting for many years.  Earlier this year we engaged a legal team to assist us with the issues related to IOC.  Later, the IOC itself voted against WKF.  Yet, immediately following these events this internal destructive behavior is exhibited from a National Federation member who claims to have recently met with WKF leaders.  Is this a mere coincidence?" 


Which legal teem? How much money you collect for this reason and how much you paid as advance?

IOC was afraid of you???


You are so vulgar that you accuse Mr. Kwiecinski that he starts his revolution shooting first his legs, then his stomach, his chest and final his head in order to ... destroy ITKF! What kind of man are you???

I have fifteen years court cases against George Yerolimpos, the WKF secretary, because I call him "the murderer of world karate" and before six months he testify to the court that "ITKF does not exist", but I did not understand the meaning of these words!


Now I know that they know! Idiot!!! IOC knows! Everybody knows except us!!!


How you dare to use the title of ITKF Chairman yet??? How do you dare to fraud sixty national federations???