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Mr. Jorgensen to Mr. Matevosyan


Dear Mr. Matevosyan:

Because someone declares it is fact - does not make it fact.  Because someone declares a meeting does not make it a meeting.  It is very concerning to me that you as a National Federation President would encourage other members to abandon the Constitution of the ITKF to attend an illegitimate meeting that does not represent the Constitution of the ITKF.  Doing so leads to anarchy.

While I appreciate the close relationship you have with Poland and in Particular, Mr. Kwiecinski - this issue is about the authority of the Constitution.  If there are concerns - why have these never been brought forward to the Board?  Why has the legitimate process never been used by Mr. Kwiecinski - ever?  Those are the questions a responsible President of a National Federation should be asking.

Moreover, such a responsible President should recognize that Mr. Kwiecinski, as a former member of the Board shares equal responsibility for the decisions taken by the organization.  

However, he has no right or authority to ignore due process.  THAT is the reason the 'so called meeting' in Poland is null and void.  

If, as you say, you are concerned for the future of ITKF - you would be encouraging the Board to call and hold a legitimate meeting - not encouraging other members to attend one that is held contrary to the Constitution of the organization.



R. Jorgensen, Chairman

International Traditional Karate Federation

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(Dear Mr. Matevosyan, I didn't receive your following email! Why???,     Persidis)

On 2013-07-26, at 6:11 AM, Suren Matevosyan <> wrote:

Dear ITKF member federations !


All this time I was following the situation going on inside  ITKF,  and I can see only one solution to get out of it.  This “paper fight” via e-mail is not typical of any person who is leading a whole organization. Such problems must be solved with face-to-face meeting. So, I recommend all of you as one family to be present in general meeting in Ganshuku Poland, on August 17, because meeting and serious discussion is the best solution in this situation.

This is not a little problem, here the future of ITKF is put on the scale, and we must bring that scale into balance all together by meeting and discussing every detail. The solutions of such problems require facts, document-based facts, and Mr Kwiecinski claims, that he has all the necessary documents to prove his every single statement. And I personally have seen all these documents which really prove all his statements, and now I advise and recommend you also to  come and take part in the meeting.

On the other hand, in Poland on August Ganshuku General meeting has been hold every year in the same place without any problem or rejection by Mr Jorgenson. Why he only this time, in this chaotic and dark situation decided to forbid the meeting?  I just cannot understand, and I think no one can understand it unless we meet altogether and discuss it.  


Dear ITKF members, I have also another issue that I want you all to be aware. In 16.11.2011 in Jerusalem  I  have paid 750USD to the representative of ITKF for receiving our certificates for 2nd dan registration for 5 atleths, but still have no minute news about neither the certificates nor the money we have paid. During all this time I have  reminded Mr Jorgenson several times about the certificates, I have written him that we are waiting for it, but never any reply we have received from him! Also,  on 25.12.2012 we have send you 2000USD through bank  for the ITKF starting the court processes with IOC, but haven’t been aware of what actions they started about it.

Thus, taking into consideration the present situation of ITKF , also the fact, that ITKF has been suspended as a business entity for the past few years,  I  require back the 750USD , which we have sent 2 years ago for our certificates, but haven't received them, and the 2000USD, which we have sent  for Mr Jorgenson to start court processes, but never got any news about his actions over that issue.

On 23 of July 2013 I wrote a message to Mr Jorgenson requiring back the money, and got the following answer from him:


 “Dear Mr. Suren:

I understand that you wish to support the action of Poland, however, I wish to remind you that we acknowledged your contribution to the legal fund and indeed did start action.  We also notified all countries of this when the legal counsel was engaged.  Thus, the money has been used for the purpose of which it was intended.  Surely Mr. Kwiecinski notified you of this fact as be was fully aware.


With regard to your certificates, I will check with the status - but at this moment I believe all certificates have been sent to you.  Consequently, there is no money owing to you.



R. Jorgensen, Chairman

International Traditional Karate Federation”


 Thus, Mr. Jorgenson, I have never got any notifications about  the actions you have taken, so I require facts concerning your actions taken.  What about certificates, it’s already the 3rd year I am waiting for them.
If there are any other member Federations, which are in the same situation , as me now connected with this problem, I recommend you to struggle for your rights as an ITKF member.

Thus, I recommend you to be present in Poland Ganshuku general meeting on August 17 and give a final solution to this problem. 

Suren Matevosyan

Armenian Traditional Karate Federation