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 Letter to Mr. Jorgensen from Israel

Dear Mr.Jorgensen
  1. Given all the recent unhealthy developments and correspondence among ITKF management and member federations I believe there is an urgent need for calling a general ITKF meeting \ congress.
  2. Purpose of the above assembly is to enable free democratic presentation by all interested parties involved of all facts, ideas, accusations, proposals....followed by decisions making to  be taken by a majority vote of the ITKF member federations representatives.
  3. As chairman of the ITKF I urge you to lead the above initiative and call for a general meeting as soon as possible since this cannot wait as I clearly see the on going daily damage caused to us all with the current situation
  4. It is my understanding (please correct me) that the ITKF currently does not have an updated constitution but I am assume you are familiar with the right way for calling such an extraordinary general meeting.
  5. Finally I realize the logistics and financial challenge of holding an in person meeting so we might want to start with a remote on line video conference leveraging today's technology (I am happy to assist from the technical side if needed).
  6. It is my humble opinion and proposal to hold such a remote general meeting within the next 2 weeks.     
Appreciate your cooperation
Eyal Nir
Traditional Karate Federation Israel - chairman