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 ITKF as a World Governing Body


Dear Member,


Please find attached letter from ITKF Chairman, Mr. Richard Jorgensen.


Best Regards,

Tati Eugenio

Administrative Secretary, ITKF 


 ITKF International Office

1930 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite #503

Los Angeles, California, 90057
(Telephone) 213.483.8261
(Fax) 213.483.4060


 Comments 2/8/2013 to the above letter:

Not a Word about ITKF financials!

 35 - Where is the Money ???

The "Suspension" of ITKF exists from 2002!!!

Are you mad ???


36 - In his letter Mr. Jorgensen says:


"Now he has attracted a supporter who comes from a Federation in Greece, claiming to be a member of ITKF yet under the leadership of Mr. Persidis, this Federation has never paid any membership fee to ITKF. Nor has Mr. Persidis attended any official ITKF event or Technical clinic of ITKF. In reality, he knows nothing about ITKF. Rather, he has been successfully prosecuted in a Court of Law in Greece by the former ITKF member National Federation President of Greece for much of his activity and outrageous claims. But Mr. Persidis still continues to sully the reputation of the late Sensei Nishiyama and the ITKF through his outrageous claims. Now he vows his solid support to Mr. Kwiecinski in his fight to destroy ITKF. This should come as no real surprise."


a) GTKF is a member of ITKF from 1980 till today.

b) I do not pay money to frauds, who do not give any financial report like you and Nami Nishiyama!

c) I know Master Nishiyama from 1966 edition of his book "Karate, the Art of Empty Hand" (long before your mustache sprouted), and in 1975 I asked Kodansha Publishing Company to translate his book in Greek language, but it was very big for the Greek market and I finally translated and published the four first books of "Best Karate" by Masatoshi Nakayama in Greek language.

d) You are so much fool that you cannot understand that nobody cares about me and my acts in GTKF, and this because they are not interested about GTKF but about ITKF. You are the problem in ITKF, not me! The only thing you reveal with your accusations against me is the emptiness of yourself, because you accuse others in order everybody takes his eyes from you. You are the accused, not I.

e) The former president of GTKF did six court attempts to take GTKF and I won him six times! You know why? Because I know the Greek laws better than his layers! After his defeats he started a war with 10-12 court actions against me, he lost the 8-9 and we have the rest yet in progress!

f) Why do I want to destroy ITKF?

Did I bring ITKF in the brink of destruction as "suspended" from the state of California for four years from 2009?

Did I collect money from the federations without legal entity for four years from 2009?

Did I go to foreign countries as common thief and "sell" useless ITKF diplomas for $1200 in the name of ITKF? Did I do such a fraud???

Did I use the names of 1) Master Nishiyama, 2) Board of Directors, 3) ITKF Legal Committee, 4) anonymous federations which supposedly agree with me against my opponents??? 5) and others!!!


g) You are the destruction of ITKF Mr. Jorgensen!!!

ITKF can not, must not, and will not have a Chairman like you!!!

Your face can not represent ITKF!!!

You are finished!!!