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 Re: ITKF urgent general meeting

Shalom Mr. Jorgensen

  1. As the ITKF constitution keeps being referred to in your mails - can you please send me the current constitution?  I believe that as an ITKF proud member federation we have the right and obligation to be familiar with our constitution yet currently we don't have a copy of it in our possession. 

  2.  I understand that from your perspective, as explained in your mail, "business is as usual" with the ITKF so there is no need or justification to call an immediate urgent general meeting.

  3. In my humble opinion there are many good reasons to call an immediate general meeting of all ITKF member federations including: 

    1.  ITKF is suspended since 2003 and thus,according to the secretary of state of California, all its rights, powers and privileges as a business entity were suspended by the FTB for the last 11 years

    2. At this point there is uncertainty as to when this suspension shall be removed or can ITKF at all reinstate its legal status.

    3. The Polish federation, probably the most active and contributing federation within ITKF, has been suspended. 

    4. Mr Kwiecinski a senior ITKF executive, member of ITKF board of directors, considered by many around the global as a true leader of traditional karate genuinely representing and spreading sensei NIshiyama's teaching - has been suspended

    5. Many ITKF members feel deep concern and uncertainty as to ITKF future given all recent developments and correspondence. (many of shared their deep concerns with me personally)        

  4. Waiting more than a year until the currently scheduled 2014 general meeting might prove disastrous for ITKF.