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 RE: ITKF urgent general meeting

Dear Eyal:


Further to my brief email sent to you while I was travelling this morning, I am writing to provide a more specific answer to your untrue statement that you circulated world-wide.  I would like to remind you that as a not-for-profit organization, the ITKF Board of Directors are volunteers.  As such, it is quite unreasonable for you to expect an immediate turn-around to every request.  Particularly at a time when the ITKF is quite sensitive to the unsubstantiated, false accusations that are being made and needs to cross reference every detail to ensure no further false accusations are triggered. 


Where is your substantiated and evidential proof that the ITKF has no Constitution or that the Constitution is invalid?  Please, I would like you to provide me with the Minutes of any meeting of the ITKF World Congress that has ever renounced the ITKF Constitution.  This is the only way the ITKF Constitution will not be valid.  A third party cannot invalidate the Constitution.  Nor can an illegitimate meeting called outside of the organization’s Constitution that governs it, legally determine anything about the existing organization. 


The reality of the situation is that the ITKF Chairman asked the Chairman of Legal Services to cross reference all material related to the Constitution prior to sending it out to you.  This was done to ensure there were no mistakes being made in what was being sent, that it was complete and intact.  My request was an attempt to stop the nonsense that is being perpetuated by you and others who make outrageous statements that are not based on fact but only on personal opinion! 


ITKF needs to ensure that everything is in order – that is,  nothing has been missed or, I am very certain more unfair and unsubstantiated accusations would be forthcoming against it.  I am equally sure Mr. Romulo Machado, as a volunteer Chair of the Legal Services Committee, would like to be able to answer all requests within 24 hours, including yours.  However, he is giving freely of his time to ITKF and sometimes his actual work interferes in his ability to respond as quickly as you might like.


I contacted him today after receiving your latest false statement and he has informed me that he has completed the review and cross referencing and will contact you to provide you with the copy of the current ITKF Constitution.  However, as you will see in my letter to all National Federations coming later today – all National Federation members have been aware of the Constitution and its amendments, since all of its major revisions were circulated to all Federations previously.  My comments are based on actual documentation  that has been substantiated and confirmed.  It is not my opinion!  It would be a very helpful if others would follow the same process. 


The retraction of your unfair, untrue and biased statement, is greatly appreciated.




R. Jorgensen, Chairman

International Traditional Karate Federation