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 Re: ITKF urgent general meeting

Shalom Rick

  1. Please note I did not make any statement but rather asked a simple very legitimate question - does ITKF currently have a valid constitution we (ITKF members) can receive? 

  2. My friend Romulo was good enough to call me today and explain that the ITKF does have a constitution but it has not been updated to include the last more than 10 years amendments and decisions made. 

  3. It is my understanding that this work is in process so by the end of the day ITKF should have an updated constitution  

Wishing you a great weekend




 Comments 10/8/2013a:

Not a Word about ITKF financials!


38 - O.K., I do understand it!


Mr. Romulo Machado offers the last ten years its services as volunteer in the Board of Directors of the not-for-profit organization ITKF updating the ITKF Constitution!!!

But where the money goes ???


39 - Mr. Eyal Nir, after the whithout a trial "execution" of Mr. Kwiecinski by the "legal opinion" of Mr. Machado, the only for sure event that would be done is the call from your friend Mr. Machado to you for "legal explanations"!