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 RE: ITKF urgent general meeting



Dear Eyal:


Approved Constitutional amendments is updating the Constitution.  So the Constitution has been updated in the last ten year and all amendments were circulated to all National Federation members and Constitutionally approved.  What the ITKF did not do was consolidate them in a written form, i.e., a “Constitutional Booklet”  That is a completely different matter than “not updating the Constitution” – which in your statements made throughout your world-wide emails, you infer there was no Constitution of ITKF.


I spoke to Mr. Machado immediately following the conversation that you had with him and wasn’t given the impression that he was “updating” the Constitution.  He confirmed his task to be to confirm and cross-reference the Constitution and amendments in order to provide to the members with absolute certainty, the existence of a viable and fully enforceable Constitution.  This was important to confirm through someone other than the ITKF Chairman in order to refute claims to the contrary and false information and unsubstantiated accusations that have been circulated.  He has completed that cross-reference and verification, confirming all facts that have been stated by the ITKF Chairman.


Thus, the individuals attacking the ITKF can no longer use the lack of a ITKF Constitution to justify attendance at a meeting that has been called in the name of the ITKF without any authority of the organization with the sole purpose to destroy the legitimate ITKF organization.  The ITKF has always had a viable and enforceable Constitution and it will enforce its Constitutional authority with those who would attempt to destroy the organization.


“Strong supporters” of ITKF follow the Constitution.  The ITKF Constitution is democratic in its nature.  The current problems are created by those who do not like the fact that the majority does not agree with them.  That suggests very strongly that they do not like democracy.




R. Jorgensen, Chairman

International Traditional Karate Federation



 Comments 10/8/2013d:    Comment 41 :

 Not a Word about ITKF financials!


A World Federation is the SET, the PACK, the SUM of the national federations members of it! Consequently:

If and when a world federation HAS a legal Constitution, this Constitution IS on the desk of each and every single national federation member of the world federation!

If and when each and every single national federation member of a world federation DOES NOT HAVE on its desk the legal Constitution of the world federation, this world federation DOES NOT HAVE a legal Constitution.

All the others are bullshit!!! Such as:

The Chairman says that there is a legal constitution in his ... drawer, please wait!

The chairman of Legal Committee says that he processes it for ... ten years, please wait!

The central Office of the world federation "rips HER clothes" that SHE did the best, please "do not shoot the ... pianist"!!!

All of them invoke the failure of the previous administration, please show understanding!

All the old federation archives that were gone, suddenly reappear now in order to justify this situation!

And all the others!