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Bad Imitation of WKF is the "New Monkey-ITKF"in Europe!!!

Jorgensen and Nami Nishiyama copy Espinos and Yerolimpos!!!

Same disease, same medicine!


  WKF has the following trademark in USA: 



Nami Nishiyama filed in Europe for the trademark of "ITKF - INTERNATIONAL TRADITIONAL KARATE FEDERATION"

stating falsely that the ITKF is "Legal Entity", when the ITKF is suspended by the State of California

and this means it is forbidden to operate!!! Even the application for the trademark is ... invalid!!!


In this application Nami Nishiyama declares as purpose of ITKF (!) the following:



exact copy of the WKF "List of Goods and Services" on top!!! Imagination Zero!!!



 Comments 10/8/2013a:

 Not a Word about ITKF financials!


40 - Please, Ms. Nishiyama, give us the financial balances for all the last 10 years as you are obliged to do!

National federations are not pawns in your franchise business!