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 on PZKT letters of 20/7/2013 and 5/8/2013.



GTKF Views on the July 20, 2013, letter of Mr. Kwiecinski:



GTKF believes that a national federation cannot be suspended by a single decision of the Chairman or the Board of Directors. The decision must be taken by the General Assembly, because besides of a sport matter it is a political matter too. We speak for the representative of a country in a world organization.





GTKF agrees with all the above, with the remark that Mr. Carrion applied for the rights of "ITKF - International Traditional Karate Federation" in USA!!!



GTKF has the opinion:

No Constitution, New Era: these mean that there is no agreement on the rules of voting. These means "each counts for ONE"!

This means ONE vote for each member and the countries that cannot be present have the same right with these which can be present! So, they can vote with email from a distance! In the case of two votes per country, it is obvious that the countries in long distances are disadvantaged, thing unacceptable!


But the main matter is WHO has the right to vote? We must be "similar as representatives" of our countries.

GTKF opinion is that voting rights have only the members that are "unique legal federations of traditional karate"in their countries with documentary! NO individuals, NO associations, NO clubs! Only national federations unique in their countries!

This means that FIRST we all must present our documentation of legal status of our federation in our country.

Here is the Decision Of Supreme Court of Greece (from the trial when Greek WUKO branch and George Yerolimpos who tried to scrounge our rights on traditional karate), which states that Greek Traditional Karate Federation is the unique Greek federation with the right to manage traditional karate in Greece.

All federation must deposit relative evidence for themselves. This is for now the criterion for the voting right.


GTKF representative is its President Mr. Efthymios Persidis, if you decide for one vote per country, and its Vice-President Mr. Harris Douros, if you decide for two votes per country.



 GTKF Views on the August 5, 2013, letter of Mr. Kwiecinski:


GTKF completely agrees with the 5/8/2013 letter of Mr. Kwiecinski from the initial:



to the final:


GTKF maintains a reservation on the complete lack of voting rules in the following decision matters:



a) The persons of the Transitional Board of Directors and Working Committees must be proposed from the federations members and they must be federations representatives. This was not done!

b) This is an action of "Foundation"! How do you determine the QUORUM??? 15 federations in a sum of 60 is a quorum???

c) How many we are??? This answer must be known to everyone!!!

d) We must not maintain a piece of Mr. Jorgensen!!!

e) The Transitional Board of Directors must organize election in 4-5 months.



The federations must have early enough the ITKF new Statute and ITKF Regulations.

The Transitional Board of Directors must organize election in 4-5 months.



a) The time distance between 17/8/2013 and 24/10/2014 is very big for ITKF to stay under the Transitional Board of Directors, thing unacceptable because the Transitional Board of Directors must take big decisions!

b) The big distances add disadvantage to small and distant federations to materialize their voting right in Naha, Japan, is a thing of great injustice!

c) We propose the elections to the Executive Committee (you mean the Board of Directors?) and other ITKF Statute Organs to become in February by email from all the federations with voting right.



 GTKF Views on the attached Draft Statute with the August 5, 2013, letter of Mr. Kwiecinski:


In a first stage GTKF agrees with the proposed draft of ITKF Statute, except of the point that:

a) It writes nothing about the tasks of the members of the Executive Committee and mainly about the tasks of General Secretary,

b) The "Headquarters" is the "Secretariat" or not?

c) General Secretary must "live" inside the Secretariat! We are "burned" from the "ITKF Office" until now!


In a second stage GTKF maintains a reservation to study parallel the old ITKF Statute, the WKF Statute and the IOC Draft Statute from 1993.


Good luck for now !!!


Efthymios Persidis

President, Greek Traditional Karate Federation