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 The Results of the "17/8/2013 ITKF Meeting"

 GTKF disagrees absolutely and vertical with the process followed! 

Today, the Greek Traditional Karate Federation (GTKF) received the notification  from Traditional Karate Federation of Poland about what happened during the "Extraordinary ITKF Meeting" at Stara Wies on 17/8/2013 and after. It was a package of three documents of 17/8/2013 and two of 27/8/2013. The next:

 A1 - 17/8/2013 - List of Official Representatives

 A2 - 17/8/2013 - Resolution 1

 A3 - 17/8/2013 - Resolution 2

 B1 - 27/8/2013 - Letter to ITKF Members

 B2 - 27/8/2013 - ITKF Road Map - calendar of activities 2013-2017

 GTKF agrees absolutely that ITKF must change. BUT:

 To the Messrs.

 Wlodzimierz Kwiecinski, Pavel Chermousov, Hojaew Hangeldi, Katsuya Ishiyama, Suren Matevosyan, Radoslav Janus, Eyal Nir, Giedrius Dranevicius, Vladimir Savchenko, Nelson Carrion, Mahmoud Tabassi, who signed the unacceptable Statute: 

 That is to say, what you say to us?

 We are 60 federations in the old ITKF
 and you only 11 persons from the 60 federations found the new ITKF and all we the other remain outside of ITKF? 

 Because with this act of founding you throw us outside of ITKF!!!

 And it will be supposed we will make a new application to you in order to go again inside the ITKF!!!

 Do you find this ethical, fair and legal?

 Don't you believe that rather we lose our confidence in you?

 I am very sorry but you are naive amateurs!!!

 New ITKF must have all the today proved national federations as founding members!!!

 In any other case it is creating a great insult to the countries and their governments!!!

 Just one goverment can pull ITKF in courts!!!

Where is "democracy" and "equality???

 With such ideas you will never see Olympic Recognition!!!

 GTKF disagrees absolutely and vertical with the procedure followed.

 GTKF reserves the right to develop and publish its arguments in a detailed letter soon.

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