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 Observations and Opinions on the Results
 of the "17/8/2013 ITKF Meeting" !

Greek Traditional Karate Federation

C/O Efthymios Persidis, President

54 Katsoni Labrou, 11471 Athens, Greece




Athens, August 31, 2013



To all national federations members of ITKF


RE:     The 17/8/2013 Extraordinary General Assembly


A - Observations and Opinions on the "List of Official Representatives"

1 - Firstly the "Extraordinary General Meeting" was set very suddenly in the midst of holiday, therefore it was not expected to have a sufficient number of participants! Many federation representatives who wanted to participate could not go to Stara Wies these days! Many federations maybe took this difficulty as a movement in order they cannot take part in the meeting!

2 - We are not "Official Representatives from International Federations and Organizations"!
We are only and exactly "Official Representatives of National Federations".

3 - Every Official Representative must deposit two certificates: one from his government or competent judicial authority for the legitimacy of his  federation, as the "sole national" for traditional karate in his country, and one from his federation for the legitimacy of its representation by him. Where are these certificates? Where are "Democracy" and "Equality"?

4 - All signatures "by proxy" are invalid and illegal. Mr. Barack Obama represents just one country and Mr. Nelson Carrion represents ... four countries:
He takes the ... pot and leaves!!!

5 - The foundation of the NEW ITKF is not an agreement between individuals, but between NATIONAL FEDERATIONS!!! So, every official document must be signed only by one representative of each federation.

6 - Consequently, the above List is irrelevant to the foundation of a New ITKF Federation!

B - Observations and Opinions on the "Resolution 1"



7 - This formulation is incorrect because the details of 101 Session must be incorporated in the Articles of the Statute, while the "ITKF Competition Rules" is something after the Statute. It is not enough to mention these factors, but they must take exactly their place.



8 - Who are the Founding Members? The Individuals, the Countries or the Organizations?

9 - Why "Organizations" and not "National Federations"? Are you going to accept no-national federations???

10 - GTKF does not accept not to be "Founding Member", and I believe the same applies for all the other national federations members of ITKF until now!

11 - Why in Geneva? I have no problem, but why? You must explain this to all of us.

12 - "The resolution shall come into force upon signature"! "Signature" of what? The Statute? But when we have signatures on the Statute, what we want the resolution?

13 - At the end, we still want the certificates of No 3 for all the Federations Members of ITKF.

C - Observations and Opinions on the "Resolution 2"


14 - The above formulation means that the Statute is not ready yet, that is to say "it is completely unknown", and the "Founding Members" agree to accept an unknown Statute which will be formulated in the future!!! This is not an action of "foundation", but a crazy promise between individuals!!! "Foundation" means "signatures on a final formulation of a Statute.

15 - It follows a very primitive DRAFT of a Statute and NOT a Statute!

16 - Conclusion: We are at ZERO POINT yet!

D - Observations and Opinions on the "Letter to ITKF Members"


17 - With eleven from sixty you cannot be called "General Meeting"!

18 - With a great regret, GTKF does not agree, if 1) the Real and Final Statute does not take our approval by article and as a whole, and 2) the same time GTKF is a Founding Member! Where are "Democracy" and "Equality"?


19 - We do not know for the other, but Greece, yes, agreed for the ITKF change and the discussion for this purpose in a first stage. As it turns out, however, decisions are punched and we cannot accept them. Where is the Statute??? Where is our right to vote???


20 - We do not agree with the way that the above persons have been appointed. How they were appointed??? All the federations had to be consulted and to participate! It is obvious that you share the positions between you! Where are "Democracy" and "Equality"?

21 - We object to some of the above persons, and we do not know others. For example, 1) Mr. Nelson Carrion patented the name of ITKF in USA, and he owes explanations for this action! 2) There was no Serbian Federation in the Meeting (the same for Brazil, Japan and Peru), consequently it cannot exist Mr. Ilija Jorga as representative (the same for Brazil, Japan and Peru)! At the same time Mr. Ilija Jorga together with his brother Mr. Vladimir Jorga are the founders and leaders of the active World Fudokan Shotokan Federation, which has competing interests with ITKF, and this is a huge negative factor because of which we can not accept Mr. Ilija Jorga to participate in the administration of ITKF! There is an obvious conflict of interests! Mr. Ilija Jorga cannot have two world federations in his pocket! One is enough! 3) Mr. Reinhard Lindner has no function in the Austrian Traditional Karate Federation ÖTKV, as they email us! - etc.

22 - We need to have the certificates of No 3 for all of them!

 23 - In conclusion:  You cannot decide for us without us!!!

With athletic greetings



Efthymios Persidis

President, Greek Traditional Karate Federation;;



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