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Publicity of Traditional Karate hot news is an obligation for a karate web site and a right of karate practitioners to be informed.


 Let's not hide behind our finger!





 Reasonable Questions

Dear Austria and Dear Brazil

1) Are you the official national federation of traditional karate in your country, so we can discuss? (The GTKF is!)

2) Are you satisfied of the administration of ITKF until now?

3) Can you send to me please the legal statute (with the members signatures) and the rules of ITKF, because I do not have them?

4) Can you send me the Minutes of the last three ITKF General Meetings and the Financial Reports of the last five years?

5) Do you accept Mr. Jorgensen and Mr. Jorga to come, organize a traditional karate seminar in your country without your permission and leave with $1200 per participant?

6) Do you believe that you operate legally in your country under your government as members of a world federation, which is "suspended" (that means without legal entity) from the authorities of its seat-country? Does your government know this?

7) Do you believe that this suspended from May 2002 (!!!) world federation can collects money and organizes international events???

8) Do you want ITKF to change or to stay as it is?

8 ... )  etc.  etc.

Please, tell us your opinions and don't hide behind your finger!

 Last ITKF Letter 31/8/2013


Attachment: ITKFinformationUpdate.pdf

 Reasonable Questions

1) Why you are destroying ITKF and don't quit?

2) Does the State of California suspend the function of ITKF from May 2002?

3) If YES, then, there is no Head Office either in Los Angeles or elsewhere for the suspended ITKF!

4) Did you inform the federations for this suspension? What did you do for 5 years to stop this suspension?

5) The illegal now ITKF cannot apply for name trademark in Europe, so Nami Nishiyama's effort is invalid!

6) Where is the Money from the until now membership payments, Dan registrations, etc. from 2009 when you and Nami Nishiyama undertake?

7) Don't put Sensei Nishiyama's name in your mouth!

8) But put in your uninhabitable head that ITKF is the athletes, the instructors, the federations, and not one president or one office!!!

9) Last but not least ("listis" in Greek is the pronunciation of "robber"):  "Bring the Money back!!!

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