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Publicity of Traditional Karate hot news is an obligation for a karate web site and a right of karate practitioners to be informed.

Letter of Mr. Jorgensen to
RAJEEV SINHA, President, Traditional Karate Federation of India

Dear Mr. Sinha:


Thank you for your observations concerning the current situation involving the attempted hijacking of the existing and legitimate ITKF organization by the group led by Mr. Kwieicnski.  With regard to your request for a properly called ITKF Extra-ordinary General Meeting, I must inform you that I have already indicated my recommendation to the ITKF Board of Directors for this meeting to be called.  You may have missed this communication since you have stated that you have recently returned from a prolonged vacation.  Similarly, you may have missed the exchange of communications between Mr. Eyal Nir involving the request for a current ITKF Constitution.  As indicated to Mr. Nir, I have requested Mr. Romulo Machado, Chairman of ITKF Legal Services to review all statutes of the ITKF to ensure all amendments have been captured prior to distribution.  This will negate any further accusation as to accuracy of the statutes.  Mr. Machado returns from his vacation on September 10.


The ITKF Board of Directors has approved my recommendation to call an Extra-ordinary meeting.  I am in the process of securing the location to correspond with the date approved.  I will distribute the notice of meeting in the coming week.


I look forward to your Federation’s participation.




R. Jorgensen, Chairman

International Traditional Karate Federation

 From: THP World []

Sent: Sunday, September 1, 2013 4:30 AM

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Dear ITKF members,

On my return from prolonged vacation, I discovered my mail-box filled with interesting correspondence pertaining to ITKF. Although I had planned to stay away from the discussions on the subject after my last mail to ITKF members, now I am forced to respond to the latest developments.

Firstly, I must congratulate PZKT President on becoming acting President of NEW organisation with the identical name of ITKF and proving the first part of my previous observations right. Now I am looking forward to seeing as to when and how would the other part of the Game is executed when this new body merges with WKF.

I agree with the latest mail from Mr. Persidis of Greece where he compares one vote of Mr. Barak Obama with that of FOUR of Mr. Nelson Carrion. However, I am not at all surprised as I had expected that many individuals might alone be representing 9 or more odd countries.

It is the mockery of organisational procedure and basic sense of governance. There is NO representative from Switzerland in the “formation meeting”, yet Switzerland is the seat of new body. National Federations alone can be the part of the ITKF, but Foundations representing individual families, companies handling solar energy, ghost entities picked up to represent different countries (according to their passport) are the charter members of the new organisation being fraudulently called new-ITKF.

Group of individuals could get-together to formulate any organisation and no law could prevent them from doing so. They can start anything afresh. They can use any name but with handful of individuals representing companies, family foundations can NOT claim to represent the existing structure of all the National Federations of ITKF. Nor could they claim the previous editions of ITKF tournaments as their own. I have observed numerous fraudulent actions in the run-up for hijacking ITKF, which shall be elaborated before the court of law in future litigations that would demolish mountain of lies in a single hearing.

Who gave mandate to individuals to apply for ITKF trademark under individual names? It is extra-ordinary fraudulent behaviour and totally unacceptable. Are we going to make our organisation “THIEF Karate”?

It is the responsibility of the member federations to realize that their sovereign status is at risk where these groups will pick-up individuals from your Federations (as seen in Austria, Brazil, Canada and France so far) and under well-planned conspiracy pop-up rival organisation in your country to formulate and represent your country so as you keep engaged in domestic fight and the NEW ERA of NEW Organisation called new-ITKF is established.

With reference to a number of questions being raised about the statute of ITKF, I am surprised as to why has that been not supplied. ITKF office owes responsibility to retain documents and present to members whenever they demand a copy thereof. The last updated version was distributed during 2002 ITKF Congress to all the members present. I have the copies together with amendments proposed and adopted and am attaching the photographed version for your reference. 

Initially I was NOT interested in the present mess and wanted to keep away. However, the current situation and future litigations demand my involvement.

As on date, PZKT had suspended status but it could garner support from few National Federations of ITKF. This fact alone puts sufficient reason for the ITKF to call extra-ordinary General Body meeting and judiciously handle all the issues pertaining to its governance.

Traditional Karate Federation of India (TKFI) demands an extra-ordinary MEETING / Extra-ordinary Congress of ITKF before November 2013 to discuss and decide on the future course. All the grievances must be heard and mistakes corrected. Although the ITKF constitution does NOT deal with such a situation, I propose for amendment for inclusion of provision for emergency meetings and establishment of Court of Arbitration within ITKF.

Through this mail and its copy to ITKF Chairman, I demand call for an EXTRA-ORDINARY CONGRESS to be convened at the earliest.

Sincerely Yours;




Traditional Karate Federation of India

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