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 Eyal Nir to Rajeev Sinha

Thank you Rajeev

Do you have any concrete proposed plan for "all the nations of the suspended ITKF and new era ITKF to attempt unifying as ONE ITKF for the future of Traditional Karate"?




Dear Friends,

All of you might have worked with good intention to protect and promote ITKF. With a number of internal issues, there might have been serious internal conflict that ended up with a split in the organisation. However, many of you might not have realized its far reaching impact and reactions. The fire that was set ablaze to set things right from individual perspectives, has started burning our own homes.

Yesterday, we were called by Sports Ministry in India to decide upon our fate on recognition. We were almost through but were informed that such a recognition may not be possible since our parent organization ITKF is NO More existing as one World Governing Body hence we can not claim separate entity status. 

Romania, which was a full member of NOC is already under deep trouble as Sports Ministry of Romania has started initiative for RTKF to go under WKF national Federation.

We are completely disappointed at the lack of vision in international leadership who miserably failed to judge the far reaching impact on national federations. 

Where are we being taken to? Old and new leadership could boast of individual achievements but what about the future of National Federations? Why are their future being scuttled?

Today, it is in India and Romania. Tomorrow it could be any country.

I appeal to all of you to rise above personal conflict and save the future of all the ITKF members. I appeal all the nations of ITKF and "new era ITKF" to abandon their differences and attempt to unify as ONE ITKF for the future of Traditional Karate community. If we are unable to do it, one day we all will regret.

Please do give it a thought.  


Sincerely yours;


Rajeev Sinha


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