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 R. Jorgensen's answer and Rajeev Sinha's response

Dear Mr. Jorgensen,


Thank you for your response.

While you might be right in earlier warning of possible backlash reactions to a number of countries, I still appreciate Mr Eyal Nir’s curiosity in corrective steps for unified ITKF. We are bleeding and there needs to be strong remedial steps to minimize this damage.

Dissidence of any nature cannot be linked only to the shortcomings in individual personality. It demands the urgency for some fundamental changes to secure the future of our next generation. We must realize that individually we all are aging. Death could strike anyone any day. But what would we leave behind?

Karate community worldwide inherit some of the terrible, illegal practices and mind-set. Dissidence cannot be scuttled by cancellation of ranks, a tool most often used worldwide. Licenses could be cancelled but not the ranks. Thanks God that there are NO such community at University level or else we all would have been deprived of our degrees at any stage of life. We must come out of this primitive thinking.  

Let me remind everyone that I had strongly opposed all moves that could weaken ITKF. But should not we make fundamental changes that would leave no scope for future dissidence? I firmly believe that dissidence occur out of some shortcomings. It is the responsibility of leadership to envisage the need for remedial steps.

Since there is NO agenda communicated as yet for the upcoming extra-ordinary Congress, I propose the followings.

1.       Amendments in the Statute of ITKF to strengthen democratic process within the organisation

 1(a)        Term of the ITKF Chairman MUST be fixed to a maximum of 2 terms. (Term= 2 years). This would resolve all personal ambition                     and conflict for lifelong term.


 1(b)        One man – one post concept to be added.


 2.       Elections to be held through secret ballot only.

 3.       Mandatory Declaration of contribution/works for all the ITKF officials prior to elections that should be circulated amongst the members at least 6 months prior to the election.

 4.       There must be our own Court of Arbitration for resolving all internal conflicts within ITKF.    

 5.       There is also a legitimate question of the future of ITKF’s juridical status. Though we hope to gain tax-exempt status, what would happen if we fail to gain this tax-exempt status?

This is the first step towards strengthening ITKF as one world governing body. Please do not read it as a misleading note. There have been errors committed by most of us in the past that could be inked in black and white. But it is the time to look forward and transform ourselves into a vibrant world governing body.

The abovementioned agenda is to be adopted by the ITKF Board. If these suggestions are adopted in the agenda, then please communicate. Even if the Board rejects the abovementioned suggestions, please be kind enough to supply us the agenda for the meeting.

As we are left with very little time before the Congress, an immediate issuance of agenda is highly solicited.

I would appeal all the members to look beyond themselves for the sake of future generations and impartially draw provisions that would make ITKF most transparent democratic world governing body.


Sincerely yours;


Rajeev Sinha 


On Fri, Oct 11, 2013 at 7:14 PM, Richard Jorgensen <> wrote:

Dear Mr. Sinha:


I think your letter is misguided in that it includes reference to the current Board of Directors of the ITKF.  There is no misunderstanding on the part of the Board of the ITKF in terms of the far reaching implications of the action and accusations made by Mr. Kwiecinski and his group – which includes a few friendly countries to Mr. Kwiecinski who have endorsed a plot to replace the legitimate ITKF organization with one of their own making. 


However, there is no justification whatsoever that can be made for these National Federations and individuals to work outside of the democratic process of the legitimate ITKF – which is exactly what they have done.  Their claims and accusations have been proven to be false repeatedly.  Every warning and opportunity for resolve was given to them by the legitimate ITKF – yet, they plundered on – bent on destroying the legitimate ITKF with one of their own making that was tailored to suit their individual agendas.  This was not the doing of the ITKF Board of Directors of the legitimate ITKF – this was the doing of a group of individuals who knew they would not receive support for their plan if they were to face a legitimately called General Congress – that is, when they had to face the world, not simply their invited friends, bought and paid for.


Now the damage – which was identified in an email to Mr. Nir of Israel very early in the process, is happening.  Yet, Mr. Nir chose to ignore the warning, signed the resolution in support of Mr. Kwiecinski and now wants to know a plan of how to resolve the damage – very bizarre.  The only plan can be the reorganization within those countries which have chosen to ignore and disrespect the democratic process of ITKF.  The only plan can be to purge those individuals who cannot work within the rules and Constitution established by the founding President of ITKF – Sensei Nishiyama.  For, if not now – at some future point, when it is opportunistic for them to do so again – they will once again attack ITKF internally to achieve their own individual agendas.


This is not a personal conflict, a struggle for power between individuals as is being promoted.  This is a deeply philosophical struggle between what is right and wrong.  There is absolutely no justification to circumvent the Constitution of the legitimate ITKF under which the organization has operated since its inception in 1974.  To say the Constitution does not exist is absurd.  To say that the ITKF does not exist is equally absurd.  To try to build a platform of justification on an issue that has been misrepresented (i.e. a suspended status for tax reasons) to serve an individual platform of destruction is simply an example of the lengths these individuals will go to get their own way.  This issue has been explained several times.  The State of California is quite comfortable with how ITKF is resolving this matter and does not consider the organization to be operating “illegally”.  That is fiction woven by good storytellers who want to destroy the organization – plain and simple.  There is no grey area about their intention.  Their action does not “save” ITKF.   As you have pointed out and now are experiencing in India – it destroys ITKF for everyone, to the benefit of WKF.  Again, this agenda was declared by your Board of Directors in its first response the activity of Mr. Kwiecinski and his group.  There is no respect for the legacy or life work of Sensei Nishiyama in his behaviour.


Furthermore, to try and use the exact identity of the legitimate ITKF, to utilize the exact logo and name through a process of self-declaration borders on fraudulent behaviour and should be immediately challenged and discounted by reasonable, thinking individuals who are truly concerned about the organization, its future and not their individual positions.


The ITKF is holding its properly called Extra-ordinary General Meeting on October 26, 2013.  All of these matters will be discussed and decided at that meeting.  It is the expectation of the ITKF Board of Directors that all countries are truly concerned, will attend.


I trust we will see you there.




R. Jorgensen, Chairman

International Traditional Karate Federation


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