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"The President of EUROPEAN NOTHING"

 Vladimir Yorga to ETKF members!  

This is the letter (with click) that Mr. Vladimir Yorga sent to ETKF Federation-members on 13/10/2013

It follows the necessary analysis!


 E. Persidis' Comments:

 Analysis word by word:


Mr. Yorga's Letter of 13/10/2013. The Analysis



This is the "sender"! Mr. Yorga writes "Federation", but there is no constitution of this federation! He writes "member of ITKF", but there is no ITKF! ITKF was a shop, that sold karate, but the State of California closed it before years! ETKF is nothing but an air-branch of the ITKF (the today closed shop)!

He signs as "President ETKF", but, since there is no ETKF, in actual fact he is "The President of NOTHING"!

He was the ETKF President? From which national federation? Serbia had no athlete in traditional karate the last ten years! Yugoslavia had athletes in traditional karate before twelve years! There is no Serbian Federation!!!

Nice letter! I think that Jorgensen, "the other President of NOTHING" wrote this letter!

Dear ETKF Members,

Fortunately, he did not send this letter to Greece!

Greek Traditional Karate Federation does not want to be "Dear" to him!

Due to suspension of Czech traditional karate federation by ITKF (September 29, 2013 – suspension document attached) – I’m hereby informing you that, according to decision of ETKF Board members (Ocotber, 15, 2013, decision document attached) - the European Championship will not be held in Czech Republic / Prague. The location of Championship is changed and will be held in Belgrade - Serbia – same time (December 05 – 08, 2013) hosted by Traditional karate federation of Serbia.

29/9/2013 - he suspended Czech Traditional Karate Federation.

15/10/2013 - the ETKF Board members decide the change of the European Championship location and he attaches this decision to his ... by two days earlier letter! What kind of ... clown is he?

The new location is his town! He change the event location one and a half month before the event, which is a very short time!

This decision was taken by the executive board of ETKF, according to article7. 4- J, due to Czech federation behavior in participating in the false so called "ITKF General Meeting" in August 17th 2013 and in the serious assault on ITKF decided in that Meeting, through the creation of another organization using the name of "ITKF" to attack the legitimate ITKF organization and its elected officials.

From this point we start to laugh! 

The article is from the ... Holly Bible that only Jorgensen has as the modern ... Moses!

Mr. Yorga did the same with me and GTKF in order to help his friend Drakopoulos in Greece! He sent this letter (click) to Drakopoulos for the Greek Court and today he is accused of criminal offences by me!

The present situation went one step further with the call of a so called "International Cup" by the pirate organization self-called "ITKF", to be held in Prague simultaneously with the European Championship, which not only shows the active support of the host Czech Federation to the illegitimate activities of such a organization as it mixes a legitimate event from ETKF which is a Regional Organization of ITKF, with an illegitimate activity of a fake organization, which cannot be accepted.

As such the Board of Directors decided to change the location of the European Championship to Belgrade, Serbia.

It is obvious that this letter has be written from Jorgensen's mind and hand!

No notices! No discussion! Only ... suspensions! The way of the "fascist"!

Old age does not come alone! (I am only 68!)

This change can be decided by the Board of Directors, because not only the host country is suspended from ITKF, but also the decision to host the Championship in Prague was taken in a regional European meeting during the last World Championship and not at the ETKF General Meeting.

Where were ... Your Highness Board of ETKF Directors all last year to locate the championship at a ETKF General Meeting?

Technical data regarding the Championship (accommodation, organization, transport etc.) will be sent to all ETKF members latest by October 18, 2013. Please have an understanding of the situation difficulty to organize European Championship is such a short time. Traditional karate federation of Serbia will try its best to keep running European Traditional karate Federation in proper manner and organize the best possible Championship.

We have the understanding that you must go home and stay there!

In this crucial time for ITKF and ETKF we need your support more than ever. The best possible support will be your participation at the European Championship since this is the time that we need to stay united and faithful to Sensei’s Nishiyama legacy. Any suggestion, proposition for better organization of Championship is welcome.

We know that it is a very crucial time for the Jorgensen's pocket!

We are very sorry for Mr. Yorga actions, because he taught in Greece for many years in the past and now he destroys his name!

Looking forward seeing you in Belgrade.


Univ. Prof. Vladimir Yorga. M.D., Ph.D.

President ETKF


"The President of NOTHING"


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