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Publicity of Traditional Karate hot news is an obligation for a karate web site and a right of karate practitioners to be informed.

RE to the Request To Mr. Richard Jorgensen

Dr. Mr. Kwiecinski:


Given your recent behaviour I can fully understand why you would be concerned about reminders that demonstrate you have hold no regard for the value, effort and history associated with either Sensei Nishiyama or Ms. Aiko Tori or the existing legal rights of the Nishiyama Family.

However, the fact remains that there is only one legitimate ITKF organization - the one founded by Sensei Nishiyama and the one for which Ms. Aiko Tori worked tirelessly as Director General.  As such, it is very appropriate for the legitimate ITKF organization and its Chairman to acknowledge their efforts and guidance.

I strongly suggest that you and your group stop impersonating our legitimate ITKF organization.



R. Jorgensen, Chairman

International Traditional Karate Federation

I agree with Mr. Jorgensen


Thymios Persidis

International Traditional ... God Helper! (Where is the money?)

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