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 Richard Jorgensen to American Amateur Karate Federation!  

This is the letter (with click) that Mr. Richard Jorgensen sent to AAKF on 1/11/2013

It follows the necessary analysis!


 E. Persidis' Comments:

 Analysis word by word:


Mr. Jorgensen's Letter of 1/11/2013. The Analysis

November 1, 2013

To Mr. Alex Tong, President

American Amateur Karate Federation (AAKF)

Sent Via eMail: Alex Tong <>

No Analysis needed!

Dear Mr. Tong:

At its properly called and constituted Extra-ordinary General Meeting held in Cancun, Mexico on October 26, 2013, the ITKF General Meeting voted unanimously to uphold its Board of Directors’ recommendation to suspend its National Federation member for the United States of America – American Amateur Karate Federation (AAKF). However, the Extra-ordinary General Meeting was extremely offended by your leadership role in the subversive activity related to the establishment of an imposter organization that uses the same name, logo and history of our legitimate ITKF organization.

Where is/are:

1 - The legitimate ITKF according the laws of California?

2 - The legal statute of ITKF?

3 - The Agenda of the Meeting?

4 - The participant federations and their representatives?

The ITKF has written to you on a number of occasions asking for clarification of the role the AAKF has taken in forming this imposter organization. Attached please find a recent communication between the leaders of this imposter group. This communication clearly outlines the strategy of the group and proves, once again, the role of the AAKF Treasurer is significant. As a result of the AAKF’s official silence regarding its role in this matter, the ITKF Extra-ordinary General Meeting introduced a new motion to expel the American Amateur Karate Federation permanently from ITKF. The vote to expel was also unanimous.

5 - The Minutes of the Meeting?

6 - The accusations and the call for apology?

7 - The right for appeal?

8 - Who were the federations and representatives that expelled the American Amateur Karate Federation permanently from ITKF

9 - "The vote to expel was also unanimous."!!!  YOU ARE A LIAR!

10 -  etc. etc.  

At this meeting, the ITKF was also presented with a petition from a number of members of the AAKF which clearly demonstrates that the Executive Committee, led by you as President, has misinformed and misled the AAKF membership. Consequently, the ITKF Extra-ordinary General Meeting has directed the ITKF Board of Directors to immediately accept the application from a new National Federation formed by these petitioners to represent the United States of America to the ITKF. Here we laugh!

I feel very happy because it turns out that there are idiots in all countries and not only in Greece!

Further, the Extra-ordinary General Meeting has directed the ITKF Board of Directors to take all action necessary, including any legal means necessary to ensure the protection and continuation of the legitimate ITKF organization, with its Head Office at 1930 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, California. Leave the bullshit aside and bring back the money!


Richard Jorgensen, Chairman

International Traditional Karate Federation



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