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Publicity of Traditional Karate hot news is an obligation for a karate web site and a right of karate practitioners to be informed.

 From PZKT to All - From Radek Janus to All!

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From PZKT: 2013 European Championship.pdf

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From Radek Janus, Czech Traditional Karate Federation

To ITKF members and Mr. Richard Jorgensen


November 7, 2013


Dear ITKF members, dear Mr. Jorgensen,


The decision to held the 31st European Championship 2013 in Prague was taken in Israel during the ETKF meeting in 2011. This decision was approved and again confirmed last year on the World Championship by EUROPEAN representatives. This is an EUROPEAN event, how can you or  so call "ITKF extraordinary meeting in Cancun" confirm to move this event without any vote by many european countries? Yes, this is called dictatorship or manipulation.

 Czech instructors have visited for 15 years NKI dojo in LA. We tried to spend with sensei Nishiyama as much time as we can - to understand, to practice, to promote his karate.

 Our federation very seriously considered all issues presented on the meetings organized by Mr. Kwiecinski and Mr. Ishiyama. We considered all e-mail communications too. We have ourself experience, how worked old ITKF  office when sensei Nishiyama passed away. As well as other countries (Poland, USA, Israel, Lithuania, Russia, Armenia, Uruguay, Venezuela, Turkmenistan, Ukraine etc..), we found the courage to say "something is wrong in our  beloved ITKF", we don't go forward, we can't compare with others  modern democratic sports organizations.

 Therefore we decided to support Mr. Kwiecinski as other 10 countries. On the ITKF meeting in Poland we set up new non-profit sport organization - ITKF with headquarter in Switzerland. This country is an headquarter for many international organizations. We voted for Mr. Kwiecinski as acting president. As president of Czech traditional karate association I've never voted to appoint Mr. Jorgensen as ITKF president. This is called self-appointment.

 Few weeks ago we were suspended and then expelled from ITKF. This can happen to all federations, if you don't agree with Mr. Jorgensen.

 We will continue to support only one legal ITKF organization, which is located in Switzerland. We are responsible to our members and to our government.

 Czech traditional karate association is a proud member of the ITKF - new era. What about you?


Radek Janus

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