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 Report of Extra-ordinary Meeting,
 Cancun, Mexico, October 26, 2013



 E. Persidis' Comments:

 Analysis word by word:


Mr. Jorgensen's Report of 7/11/2013. The Analysis
Re: Report of ITKF Extra-ordinary Meeting, Cancun, Mexico, October 26, 2013  
Organizations are formed and structured around common points of purpose and philosophy. In the modern world, they are governed by democratic rules and processes. Invariably, not everyone inside an organization agrees. However, as with every democratic process – the majority decision is the one that is followed. I am going to make new ... liver in laughter!

Is Democracy to suspend everyone with different opinion than yours?

The International Traditional Karate Federation is no different. It has democratic Constitutional processes and procedures. The majority decision is followed. Those duly elected by this process as the officers of the organization have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure the sanctity of the organization. Those who choose to operate outside of such a democratic process do so at their own peril. ITKF of California has NO Constitution at all!

"Your ITKF" has just the majority of the ONE!

On October 26, 2013, these principles of democracy were enforced at the ITKF Extra-ordinary General Meeting held in Cancun, Mexico. This General Meeting took a unanimous vote on the following resolution: I think you need a ... doctor! And with you, all that they were present in this meeting! (If anyone was!)
“The ITKF Extra-ordinary General Meeting expresses its total repulsion of the subversive actions of a group of dissidents, the self-titled “New Era ITKF”, and confirms its total support for the only legitimate and existing ITKF organization with its current location at 1930 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, California, USA. It also confirms its support for the legitimate Board of Directors and Chairman elected and confirmed in previous General Meetings and the new Board of Directors formed at this Special Meeting for a further term. In addition, the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting further endorses its Board of Directors to develop any actions to fight this pirate organization, including any legal actions necessary.” Big, Empty Mind moves Big, Empty Mouth to say Big, Empty Words!!!

There is no legal ITKF in California, no Board of Directors, no legal representation!

You cannot stand in a Court!!!

The conviction of this resolution is succinct and firm. It defines the parameters of the disciplinary expulsion and suspension decisions that were taken by the meeting. While some may think that expelling National Federation members makes the ITKF “smaller” in scope – it is the opposite. In reality, it makes room within the organization for new members who cherish the notion of democracy and believe in the philosophy of the ITKF and its principles. This is a great opportunity for renewal of the spirit of ITKF as it can now reorganize within the countries that have been expelled, building together with like-minded karate-ka, who understand the principles of democracy and the sanctity of organizational principles. All these is nothing else than one of the ... 1000 of Halima's Tales!!!

If you take some idiot people with you, this will be ... God Blessing!!!

Personally, I am very proud to serve as Chairman for an organization where the strong majority places the importance of the entire organization ahead of personal relationships built on a foundation of self-interest. I agree 100%! All you need is ... a Chair and a Mirror!!!

But first you must give the Money back!!!


Richard Jorgensen, Chairman

International Traditional Karate Federation


The Chairman of BIG NOTHING!


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