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 RE: New Era ITKF - 5th Anniversary of Sensei's Passing

 or ... One Thousand and One Arabian Nights!!!

or "How to write a letter with 1000 ... holes"!!!

From Richard Jorgensen to Radek Janus



Dear Mr. Radek:


Thank you for your response.  However, based on the details contained within your response it is evident that you have not yet grasped the implications of the disastrous decisions you are making on behalf of your Federation which appear to be based solely on your personal relationship with Mr. Kwiecinski. 


First, the recent and legitimate ITKF Extra-ordinary General Meeting held in Cancun responded to a recommendation from the European Traditional Karate Federation (which represents ITKF in Europe) to change the venue of the ITKF European Traditional Karate Championships to Belgrade.  As indicated in your own response, the European Traditional Karate Federation represents the “voice” of European countries.  


Secondly, the legitimate ITKF Extra-ordinary General Meeting held in Cancun. Mexico is a World Congress of ITKF.  As such, it certainly has the authority to change any decision it has made previously, particularly as it pertains to the involvement of a subversive Federation, such as the Czech Republic has proven itself to be.


Thirdly, until Sensei Nishiyama’s passing, the Czech Republic was a suspended Federation of ITKF.  That is, Czech Republic was not allowed to participate in any ITKF activities.  I believe this negates the previous 15 years you reference as being relevant to the ITKF.  In fact, the individual instructor who spent the most time at the LA dojo was the instructor which headed up the opposing Federation to yours; and, the one you wanted to have suspended from the ITKF in favour of your organization.  Sensei Nishiyama refused to take such action.  However, following Sensei Nishiyama’s passing – at the strong and continuous encouragement of Mr. Kwiecinski (whose motives are now highly suspect) – this action was taken in favour of your organization and your Federation became the sole member of ITKF.  It now appears this decision was misguided.


Fourthly, some of the countries officially represented on your list of your “allies” (totalling 10) in support of Mr. Kwiecinski have already denounced this support of him and his position through formal letters to the legitimate ITKF.  Consequently, there are fewer countries you can call “allies” within your subversive action. 


In contrast, almost three times the number of countries that you have cited were officially represented in the process of the ITKF Extra-ordinary General Congress held in Cancun, Mexico on October 26, 2013.  As a person who claims to seek democracy and vehemently supports the democratic process – you should begin to respect the wishes of the majority because such democracy is not the result of a “dictatorship”.  However, self-proclamation of an organization created outside of the legitimate democratic process of the organization it wants to impersonate is certainly formed in a dictatorial manner.  Attached is a copy of an ‘internal’ email that was intended for the ‘inner circle’ of your subversive organization.  It proves, once again, that the information of its creation and registration is completely false.  Thus, it is simply a manipulation to serve the self-interest and thirst for personal vengeance by a few individuals.


Lastly, your Federation is now an expelled member of ITKF and therefore cannot host any ITKF event.  As indicated in the previous letter to you, to continue to use the ITKF name and/or logo and its associated heritage will not only be a further breach of ethics on your part – it will become a legally actionable issue on the part of the legitimate ITKF.  I suggest you begin to govern yourself accordingly.




R. Jorgensen, Chairman

International Traditional Karate Federation


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