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Publicity of Traditional Karate hot news is an obligation for a karate web site and a right of karate practitioners to be informed.

 Fu Manchu and the Aces from his sleeve!

 ("The Chinese Master of secret criminal methods of death and destruction!")

 From Falah Kanani To Helene Ely

 E. Persidis' Comments:

American Traditional Karate Federation - ATKF

New sole Governing Body of Traditional Karate in the USA


December 1st, 2013


Dear Friends and Colleagues;


I am writing to you to introduce our new, recently formed organization, American Traditional Karate Federation (ATKF).  This organization now represents the United States within the legitimate ITKF organization – the World Governing body for Traditional Karate founded by the late Sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama.

What kind of fruit is this?

As you are probably aware, there has been a great deal of confusion and misinformation circulated world-wide regarding a new ITKF organization.  This has been very destructive to the reputation of Sensei Nishiyama and the organization he founded to protect the philosophy of Budo and Traditional Karate for future generations to study.  The purported new organization is comprised of disgruntled individuals and National Federation members which sought to work outside of the democratic process of the legitimate ITKF organization and self-declare themselves as a “new era”.  Rather than debate the pros and cons of their position, it is sufficient to ask for an answer as to why these individuals chose not to work within an organization that was founded by Sensei Nishiyama and has been operating since 1974 when the organization was first incorporated as the IAKF.  The only answer is that the majority of the member countries in the world did not support the ideas and personal objectives of these disgruntled individuals.  As a result, they were not able to get their own way and so they decided to create an imposter organization.

As you can see this unknown person explains to us our situation in which we live the past 12 months!

He explains to us in order to make us to understand the difficulty of the situation!

He explains maiden style the details that "the children" have not understand!


Only one person can do this job! And this person is Richard Jorgensen, who every day changes his face and writes an new letter with different name!!!


The Money is too much!!!


The eldest must remember the movies with "Fu Manchu, the man with the 1000 faces"!

Here we have Mr. Jorgensen: "The man with the 1000 letters with different names"!

As Fu Manchu was pulling a hidden weapon from his sleeve all the time, the same R. Jorgensen pulls a new president of a new federation or new punishments from new Board Resolutions!!!


But all the times he makes the same mistake: he changes the name under the letter, but he cannot change the ... mind who writes the letter!!!

It is the mind of a learner wizard of plot and conspiracy!

He is a pathetic crook!


The AAKF was part of that movement.  The Executive Board of the AAKF has been secretly meeting and the Treasurer of the AAKF has been actively involved in the destructive and subversive movement to destroy the legitimate ITKF organization founded by Sensei Nishiyama.  Regardless of their personal complaints or personal opinions of the ITKF Board of Directors and its Chairman, nothing justifies the destructive action they have taken – nor their behaviour to act outside of the democratic process of the ITKF organization.  All of us are well aware that the Executive Board of the AAKF would not stand for such behaviour from anyone of us as members of AAKF.  Indeed, many senior individuals have left the AAKF for the very reason that the AAKF does not follow the democratic process of its own constitution.  This latest example of creating an imposter ITKF organization has sealed its fate within the ITKF.

At an Extra-ordinary General Meeting held by the ITKF in Cancun, the AAKF was expelled permanently, along with a number of the individual Executive Board members, from the ITKF.  The vote was unanimous among the other countries of the world.

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Brad Webb, Tati Eugenio, Helene Ely and myself travelled to Cancun to learn the truth of what was happening in ITKF.  What we found was completely the opposite of the misinformation that was being circulated by the Executive Board of the AAKF.  Indeed, prior to travelling to Cancun, Helene Ely had tried to discuss the situation with the AAKF President, Alex Tong and was rejected completely.  His email simply stated that he would not discuss anything with her and she should direct her inquiries to the “National Office” of AAKF.  Who is the “National Office” of AAKF if not its President?

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In Cancun, we also learned that the Japanese masters from Italy (Sensei Shirai) and Brazil (Sensei Tanaka, Sensei Inoke, Sensei Watanabe) were fully supportive of the ITKF Board of Directors and its Chairman, Richard Jorgensen.  In fact, a large majority of the National Federation members of ITKF expressed their support through the votes taken to expel the proponents of the fake, imposter organization spearheaded by the AAKF and Polish Federation.

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As a result, we took it upon ourselves to save the high moral, ethical and traditional karate principles and standards of Sensei Nishiyama in the US and continue his vision and path within the legitimate ITKF organization he founded.  But once the AAKF was expelled, we realized that there was no existing organization to fulfill our commitment to Sensei Nishiyama and his principles.   We decided to apply to become the US National Federation representative to continue to be part of the only legitimate and true ITKF.  The ITKF Extra-ordinary General Meeting graciously supported our plea to not expel the innocent along with the guilty members of the AAKF by granting probationary membership within ITKF for a period of one year to aid in rebuilding the ITKF membership within the United States.  Thus, we are writing to you to join us in the task of creating an honorable and ethical National Federation representative for ITKF within the US.  It is obvious that we have been duped by the Executive Board of the AAKF.  They have sacrificed their members for the purpose of a personal vendetta.  This is not leadership, but rather a display of self-serving arrogance.


Falah Kanani and Helene Ely

We have a lot of work to do, but we have been given a great opportunity.  We ask you to join us in preserving the tradition established in the United States by Sensei Nishiyama.  We have created a new organization with some founding members.  I have agreed to act as provisional President/Chairman along with the Executive members of Bradd Webb, Tati Eugenio and Helene Ely.  We will have a formal meeting in the new year to constitute the organization and elect its officers. Good luck suckers!
I came to the US in 1983 for one reason only – that was to further my study of Traditional Karate and personally train with Sensei Nishiyama.  My lovely wife Samar and my two girls supported my dream and pursuit one hundred percent.  They sacrificed tremendously for me to continue to train with Sensei until his death.  I enjoyed every moment of training with him and honored and loved him like my own father.   It is in his honor and his dedication to Traditional Karate that encourage and welcome you to join us and become an active part of the ATKF democratic decision making.  We have been given one year to develop a fully functioning organization, a complete Board of Directors, ITKF qualified officials and a Technical Board.  We need your help and energy to do this.  No Comments
I avoided politics throughout my training.  Now, I realize how short-sighted that was of me as it simply gave others the opportunity to make decisions – bad decisions – on my behalf.  I have learned through all of this that each of us has a responsibility and obligation to help and to work diligently to ensure the Tradition Continues….properly.  That is, on a path of Budo which has as its first principle – respect.  No Comments
We have a number of activities in the planning stages and you are invited to participate and take part in the planning.  A few of these are:  No Comments

December 2013 – Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington – Seminar with Falah Kanani and Guest Instructor, Brad Webb.

January 2014 – First Official ATKF Business Meeting and Election of Board of Directors.

April 2014 – NYC National and International Seminar

June 2014 – National Championships – Los Angeles

July 2014 – ITKF Summer Camp – Sensei Shirai and ITKF Technical Committee

September 2014 – National Seminar and Qualification Course – Dallas, Texas

October/November 2014 – ITKF World Championships

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Please feel free to contact Brad Webb, Tati Eugenio, Helene Ely or myself for more information about the US National Federation member for ITKF – American Traditional Karate Federation (ATKF) and any of its activities.

Thank you for your time and consideration.  We look forward to your participation.

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Falah Kanani,


American Traditional Karate Federation

Most Sincerely,

E. Persidis

President of the United States!!!

 Dear Mr. Kanani, you must start karate from the beginning!


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