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 The ITKF Summer Camp in Greece

Greek Traditional Karate Federation

C/O Efthymios Persidis, President

54 Katsoni Labrou, 11471 Athens, Greece




Athens, June 24, 2013



Mr. Richard Jorgensen, Chairman

International Traditional Karate Federation,


Mrs. Nami Nishiyama

Office Manager, ITKF International Office,


ITKF member federations.



Honorable gentlemen,


With surprise, we received from 15.6.13 the email from ITKF Office to ITKF members relatively to the ITKF International Summer Camp in Nea Flogita, Halkidiki, Greece, on July 12-18, 2013 organized by ITKF, ETKF and Balkan TKF, during which will be held seminars for trainers and referees, and will award diplomas with the attendance charge of about $ 1,200 per person! (See Attachment 1.)


This event is unacceptable and the Greek Traditional Karate Federation (GTKF) can not allow take place for the following reasons:


Based on the Greek sports law and the statutes of GTKF only a single federation is responsible, accountable and oversees the development, dissemination and events each sport in Greece and for the traditional karate only GTKF is legitimate for this purpose in Greece. Based on this, every competition, seminar or other event of traditional karate within the limits of the Greek territory must be organized, supervised and carried out strictly by the legal GTKF and no other organization from Greece or abroad.

Secondly, based on tax laws of Greece, the non-disclosure to the tax authorities of our country activities within, from which will emerge financial transactions and financial benefits and even through foreign accounts constitutes a base of a financial crime, because it is concentration, acquisition and movement of "black money" laundering, it needs investigation by the Prosecution of Economic Crime and has severely punishment by the laws of our country accountable to all those who organized such events and all those who participated in them.


1 - 2 - 3 - 4 -

- 5 - 6 - 7


Our surprise therefore was enormous when we received the notification of the organization of the international seminar of traditional karate "in the courtyard of our house" without no one asks us from the ITKF, the ETKF and the Balkan federation of traditional karate, which (the last one) finally is a non-existent because if it existed we would know since we are Balkan country.

This event, which is also published and appeared in the ITKF website (see Attachment 2), constitutes an offence to our federation as member of ITKF and ETKF, because it forces the absolute jurisdiction of GTKF in our country for the Traditional Karate, to the laws of our country and even more it constitutes an offence to our country, because it straightly and unacceptably disputes our territorial sovereignty, unless you have the impression that the ITKF, ETKF and BTKF are "householders of" my country!


Something happens to the administrators of ITKF and ETKF. The ITKF and Mr. Jorgensen complained that Mr. Kwiecinski appropriated the name of «ITKF 2013 International Cup», while at the same time ITKF and Mr. Jorgensen were appropriating the Greek space without our permission! ITKF has been transformed into a "private-office receivable machine" and the ETKF is non-existent.

Twice in the past I have asked for their statutes and nobody sent me them. Please if someone has the good will let me send them! Additionally, since 1995 GTKF has not received any annual report on the activities of ITKF and ETKF with detailed statement of revenue and expenses and NEVER heard or disclosed to us have become any democratic elections in ITKF and ETKF!

Is this the way that ITKF and ETKF will win the respect and appreciation of the IOC???    

That infringement of ITKF, and ETKF to GTKF and our country is the second one we accept in a very short time with the first being that from Mr. Vladimir Yorga in December 2012, when the "God” (president of ETKF) suspended me with a simple letter from chairman of the GTKF and "appointed" to this post his friend P. Drakopoulos! But the Greek courts vindicated me.

I notified this first offence, for which I sued Messrs. Yorga and Drakopoulos in Greek courts, to the President of ITKF Mr. Jorgensen, ITKF Office and ITKF Vice President Mr. Kwiecinski and nobody gave us any meaning. (See the Attached documents 3 to 7.)

Now we have been forced to disclose relevant documents of infestation by Mr. Yorga for our federation to all members of ITKF so they know the “divine” behavior on Mr. Yorga. What he did to us, I believe, that he will have no problem to do for any other country! 

Because of all the above:

We are in the unfortunate position to prohibit the organization of the ITKF, ETKF and BTKF (?) seminar in New Flogita, Halkidiki, Greece, because they never asked us for it and they have no approval from GTKF. Therefore this seminar of traditional karate is illegal and we have the obligation to inform the judicial and tax authorities of our country for it, so they do their legally.


Our view is that this second affront to GTKF and our country from ITKF and ETKF is a continuation of the first attack to our federation and our country by Mr. Yorga and ETKF and we wonder how people that make such huge mistakes have the audacity to want to run European and global sports federations!

So, please, cancel this Summer Camp, because we are compelled to practice all legal means to protect our rights as a federation and as a country. Of course you can come to our country to enjoy the sun, sea, beaches and hospitality, but you can not insult us in our own home! You should forget this and be respectful of the country that is hosting you, as we respect your country, when we visit it!   

With athletic greetings

Efthymios Persidis
Greek Traditional Karate Federation



  Summarising the Caesar's Frauds from September 19, 2012. 

 This is why we are not an Olympic Sport. 



Copyright © 1945-2045 Thymios Persidis, Fraud Hunter by Hobby!



 Comments 19/9/2012:  


As you see, the minutes of the meeting is close to stories for children! In a glimpse:


 - First of all, the General Meeting took place on November 11, 2010, and the ITKF International Office send the Minutes to the member federations with the Speed of ... Light on September 19, 2012!

2 - They write the countries without mention the representatives of each country. (Did the ... countries be there?)

3 - There is no Agenda, the issues for discussion in series. 

4 - In the Chairman's Report has been written: "Financial Statements were presented, discussed and approved", but no financial report accompanies the Minutes! Where the money have gone???

5 - The Legal Advice Committee is created by four layers (!!!) for a world federation without a legal status until that day and the same afterwards until to today!!! What they did before and after that General Meeting???

6 - A Marketing Committee is created to "open" an e-shop in order to "Develop and recommend a line of ITKF products"!

7 - The Budget analysis was not anything else but the "ITKF invoice politics" for dan, couches, and judges registration fees!!! No proof data for the ITKF incomes of these reasons for the past two years!!!

8 - "Qualifications, Registrations and Renewals will be a measurement of Membership participation as outlined in the Membership Criteria within the Business Plan."   The result is "As much you pay, you double vote! As less you pay, you loose your voting right!"

9 - The Minutes must be accompanied by the regional Reports! NO-Report was accompanying the Minutes!

10 - The first subjects that might be discussed are the regional reports for the previous period and afterwards anything else! They took them upside down!

11 - Finally, no report from anybody for any work for the last two years was discussed, like ITKF did not exist!!!


 Comments 7/12/2012:  


12 - He was a little bit late, but he finally got the good idea:  "$2000 each, but we accept anything you have the pleasure!!!"


"ITKF Legal Fund Established to Pursue Court Action re: IOC Recognition"


Where is the Money???


 Comments 2/1/2013:  


12 - From the Attachments: "One": The envelop proves that ITKF correspond with "its member" GTKF! "Two": the letter proves that the Chairman urges the "ITKF members" to pay their annual fees, of which he does not give any financial report with the Minutes of 2010 General Meeting. "Three": the "invoice" (which is illegal as we will see) and the bank account for the payment prove that "GTKF is an ITKF member". "Four": For our convenience ITKF gives alternative ways of payment! "Five": This is the bonus-malus in voting rights of how much you pay !!!


 Comments 15/1/2012:  


 12a - Unlawful interference of Mr. Vladimir Yorga in the internals of the Greek Traditional Karate Federation!



 Comments on the 11/5/2013 letter of Mr. Jorgensen "TO ALL ITKF BOARD OF DIRECTORS" with Re: Cancellation of Proposed ITKF World Cup, Lublin, Poland  (Attachment 1, above):


13 - The man is mad!!! For such a very serious matter, as the World Cup is, he calls the Board of Directors (what kind of directors are they ???) to cancel it according to his opinion and without any written proof of nullity!!!

14 - The man is two times mad!!! He is blackmailing the result of the others' opinion with the phrase: "I request your mail-in vote regarding this recommendation to via return e-mail by Friday, May 15, 2013 at 5:00 pm EST. Non-participation in this vote will be taken as confirmation of this recommendation." 

Only Hitler had the vote of the ... deads!!!

 Comments 17/5/2013:  

15 - In the above letter to Mr. Janus, he writes: "The intention of my comment regarding non-participation was not intended to defy democracy – but rather to ensure prompt participation – which it did."  Sorry, I cannot follow him! I only can hold my ... belly from laughs!!!

 Comments 18/5/2013:


16 - The only thing that the above correspondence shows is that the Polish Federation tried in deed to follow the right procedure and nothing else. The one thing that bothered Mr. Jorgensen was the Press Conference to the Media! Only one is the ... Caesar!!!

 Comments 20/6/2013:


17 - On 14 June 2013 in Lublin (Poland) the International Conference “Quo Vadis ITKF?” took place.

The letter from the ITKF Vice-President Mr. Wlodzimierz Kwiecinski describes with evidences in a shocking way the actions and omissions of  Richard Jorgensen and ITKF Office, which brought the ITKF in the today situation of destruction. Some of them are:

1. Serious violation of the ITKF Constitution.

2. Non-existing communication between the ITKF Chairman and the ITKF Directors on current important issues.

3. Attempt of money extortion from an ITKF Member Federation.

4. Illegal money collection.

5. Fabrication of documents.

6. Ignoring the decisions of the ITKF Board of Directors.

7. Acting against the law.

The conclusion of the conference was that the ITKF Chairman Mr. Richard Jorgensen treats the ITKF as a private business company and makes most decisions unilaterally without approval of the ITKF Board of Directors thus breaking the ITKF Constitution and the voting procedure. He also made self-appointment for the ITKF President without confirmation by the ITKF General Meeting, which is the constitutional requirement.


19 - In the above letter are included the accusations of the following paragraph:

"On 15 June 2013 the ITKF Office sent announcement about new location of the 2013 ITKF International Summer Camp – Nea Flogita, Halkidiki (Greece) instead of San Diego (USA) . It was to my big astonishment because the 2013 ITKF Summer Camp has never been put in the ITKF schedule for the 2013 year. The organization of this event was not discussed with the ITKF Technical Committee Directors and was never approved by the ITKF Board of Directors. This is private initiative of Mr. Jorgensen. In this announcement there is information that the camp will be co-hosted by the European Traditional Karate Federation (ETKF). As the ETKF Vice-President I have had no knowledge of this fact! Moreover, we can read that the camp trainings will be conducted by top masters and the ITKF Technical Committee Members – but no names are given except for Mr. Richard Jorgensen. I would like to explicitly point that the Summer Camp organized by Mr. Jorgensen in Greece on 12-18 July 2013 is not the ITKF event. It does not follow the ITKF standards and as such cannot offer any ITKF Technical Qualification examinations (for the ITKF Instructors, Judges, Examiners.) or ITKF Dan Ranking examinations. Last but not least – there has been no active ITKF Member Federation in Greece for several years."


20 - During the above conference the required quorum was created for a call of a ITKF Extraordinary General Meeting, which will be held on 17 August 2013 (Saturday) in Stara Wieś (Poland). To clean ITKF is a priority for the ITKF member federations. GTKF agrees with this decision!


 Comments 24/6/2013:


21 - What kind of people are they, when they go into a foreign country and organize a seminar with the sole purpose to collect $1200 per "idiot", who is going to take a useless diploma, in spite of the refusal of the official federation of the country to allow it???


22 - Does this fact reflects the morals that the federations members of ITKF would want to demonstrate the presidents of the global and European TKF as well as the administration Office of ITKF???

Can these people represent the national federations of Traditional Karate to Olympic Committee toward the Olympic Recognition???