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 18-7-2013,  08:00 a.m. Greece hour

To the participants of 2013 ITKF Summer Camp in Nea Flogita, Halkidiki, Greece.


Let me say to you your future:

As I proved to you, this seminar is illegal! Consequently, the diplomas of this seminar are invalid! Just think that the GTKF will ask by court decision a compensation of 100.000 euros from Jorgensen Nami Nishiyama Yorga for GTKF rights on traditional karate in Greece, and you must be sure that in Greek court we will win!

The next administration of ITKF will not undertake the responsibilities for the illegal actions of the three above, but it will declare illegal the seminar as ITKF event. Automatically your diplomas will be invalid!

So, be smart and get back your money now!


E. Persidis

President GTKF