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 The ITKF Extraordinary General Meeting on August 17, 2013, in Poland




  Summarising the Caesar's Frauds from September 19, 2012. 

 This is why we are not an Olympic Sport. 

 I must shock you to wake up you!!! 



Copyright © 1945-2045 Thymios Persidis, Fraud Hunter by Hobby!



 Comments 19/9/2012:  


As you see, the minutes of the meeting is close to stories for children! In a glimpse:


 - First of all, the General Meeting took place on November 11, 2010, and the ITKF International Office send the Minutes to the member federations with the Speed of ... Light on September 19, 2012!

2 - They write the countries without mention the representatives of each country. (Did the ... countries be there?)

3 - There is no Agenda, the issues for discussion in series. 

4 - In the Chairman's Report has been written: "Financial Statements were presented, discussed and approved", but no financial report accompanies the Minutes! Where the money have gone???

5 - The Legal Advice Committee is created by four layers (!!!) for a world federation without a legal status until that day and the same afterwards until to today!!! What they did before and after that General Meeting???

6 - A Marketing Committee is created to "open" an e-shop in order to "Develop and recommend a line of ITKF products"!

7 - The Budget analysis was not anything else but the "ITKF invoice politics" for dan, couches, and judges registration fees!!! No proof data for the ITKF incomes of these reasons for the past two years!!!

8 - "Qualifications, Registrations and Renewals will be a measurement of Membership participation as outlined in the Membership Criteria within the Business Plan."   The result is "As much you pay, you double vote! As less you pay, you loose your voting right!"

9 - The Minutes must be accompanied by the regional Reports! NO-Report was accompanying the Minutes!

10 - The first subjects that might be discussed are the regional reports for the previous period and afterwards anything else! They took them upside down!

11 - Finally, no report from anybody for any work for the last two years was discussed, like ITKF did not exist!!!


 Comments 7/12/2012:  


12 - He was a little bit late, but he finally got the good idea:  "$2000 each, but we accept anything you have the pleasure!!!"


"ITKF Legal Fund Established to Pursue Court Action re: IOC Recognition"


Where is the Money???


 Comments 2/1/2013:  


12 - From the Attachments: "One": The envelop proves that ITKF correspond with "its member" GTKF! "Two": the letter proves that the Chairman urges the "ITKF members" to pay their annual fees, of which he does not give any financial report with the Minutes of 2010 General Meeting. "Three": the "invoice" (which is illegal as we will see) and the bank account for the payment prove that "GTKF is an ITKF member". "Four": For our convenience ITKF gives alternative ways of payment! "Five": This is the bonus-malus in voting rights of how much you pay !!!


 Comments 15/1/2012:  


 12a - Unlawful interference of Mr. Vladimir Yorga in the internals of the Greek Traditional Karate Federation!



 Comments on the 11/5/2013 letter of Mr. Jorgensen "TO ALL ITKF BOARD OF DIRECTORS" with Re: Cancellation of Proposed ITKF World Cup, Lublin, Poland  (Attachment 1, above):


13 - The man is mad!!! For such a very serious matter, as the World Cup is, he calls the Board of Directors (what kind of directors are they ???) to cancel it according to his opinion and without any written proof of nullity!!!

14 - The man is two times mad!!! He is blackmailing the result of the others' opinion with the phrase: "I request your mail-in vote regarding this recommendation to via return e-mail by Friday, May 15, 2013 at 5:00 pm EST. Non-participation in this vote will be taken as confirmation of this recommendation." 

Only Hitler had the vote of the ... deads!!!

 Comments 17/5/2013:  

15 - In the above letter to Mr. Janus, he writes: "The intention of my comment regarding non-participation was not intended to defy democracy – but rather to ensure prompt participation – which it did."  Sorry, I cannot follow him! I only can hold my ... belly from laughs!!!

 Comments 18/5/2013:


16 - The only thing that the above correspondence shows is that the Polish Federation tried in deed to follow the right procedure and nothing else. The one thing that bothered Mr. Jorgensen was the Press Conference to the Media! Only one is the ... Caesar!!!

 Comments 20/6/2013:


17 - On 14 June 2013 in Lublin (Poland) the International Conference “Quo Vadis ITKF?” took place.

The letter from the ITKF Vice-President Mr. Wlodzimierz Kwiecinski describes with evidences in a shocking way the actions and omissions of  Richard Jorgensen and ITKF Office, which brought the ITKF in the today situation of destruction. Some of them are:

1. Serious violation of the ITKF Constitution.

2. Non-existing communication between the ITKF Chairman and the ITKF Directors on current important issues.

3. Attempt of money extortion from an ITKF Member Federation.

4. Illegal money collection.

5. Fabrication of documents.

6. Ignoring the decisions of the ITKF Board of Directors.

7. Acting against the law.

The conclusion of the conference was that the ITKF Chairman Mr. Richard Jorgensen treats the ITKF as a private business company and makes most decisions unilaterally without approval of the ITKF Board of Directors thus breaking the ITKF Constitution and the voting procedure. He also made self-appointment for the ITKF President without confirmation by the ITKF General Meeting, which is the constitutional requirement.


19 - In the above letter are included the accusations of the following paragraph:

"On 15 June 2013 the ITKF Office sent announcement about new location of the 2013 ITKF International Summer Camp – Nea Flogita, Halkidiki (Greece) instead of San Diego (USA) . It was to my big astonishment because the 2013 ITKF Summer Camp has never been put in the ITKF schedule for the 2013 year. The organization of this event was not discussed with the ITKF Technical Committee Directors and was never approved by the ITKF Board of Directors. This is private initiative of Mr. Jorgensen. In this announcement there is information that the camp will be co-hosted by the European Traditional Karate Federation (ETKF). As the ETKF Vice-President I have had no knowledge of this fact! Moreover, we can read that the camp trainings will be conducted by top masters and the ITKF Technical Committee Members – but no names are given except for Mr. Richard Jorgensen. I would like to explicitly point that the Summer Camp organized by Mr. Jorgensen in Greece on 12-18 July 2013 is not the ITKF event. It does not follow the ITKF standards and as such cannot offer any ITKF Technical Qualification examinations (for the ITKF Instructors, Judges, Examiners.) or ITKF Dan Ranking examinations. Last but not least – there has been no active ITKF Member Federation in Greece for several years."


20 - During the above conference the required quorum was created for a call of a ITKF Extraordinary General Meeting, which will be held on 17 August 2013 (Saturday) in Stara Wieś (Poland). To clean ITKF is a priority for the ITKF member federations. GTKF agrees with this decision!


 Comments 24/6/2013:


21 - What kind of people are they, when they go into a foreign country and organize a seminar with the sole purpose to collect $1200 per "idiot", who is going to take a useless diploma, in spite of the refusal of the official federation of the country to allow it???  We Greeks never start a war! But if you insist, why not!!!  "No, problema" as the Governor of California was saying"


22 - Does this fact reflects the morals that the federations members of ITKF would want to demonstrate the presidents of the global and European TKF as well as the administration Office of ITKF???

Can these people represent the national federations of Traditional Karate to Olympic Committee toward the Olympic Recognition???

 Comments 26/6/2013a:


23 - Here, now, we have a President of a world federation:

-- who in every letter of him invokes a statute which does not exist,

-- who, on a permanent base, invokes the memory of Master Nishiyama not of respect to him but for taking power from the respect of the others to Master Nishiyama,

-- who has the permanent habit to distort the truth and to act without any control,

-- who collects money with any kind of ideas and hides the management of finances ($700,000 approximately every year) of the world federation from the national federations-members,

-- who demands annual fees from federations for which he claims "they are not members",

-- who gives illegal seminars in foreign country, when the legal national federation of this country prohibit to him to organize such seminars,

-- who invokes decisions of Board of Directors, which never is convened,

-- who baptizes "decision of ITKF Legal Committee" the poor opinion of his lawyer,

-- who "deletes" national federations as if they are ... bugs!!!

-- who, ... who, ... who, ...


I think we have a case for the ... psychiatrist!!! He is starting to be dangerous!!!

We must take him by the hand and show him the EXIT!!!

"Julius Caesars" are welcomed to every ... madhouse!!! I don't believe that ITKF is a madhouse!!!  DO YOU???

 Comments 26/6/2013a:


24 - From the Letter of Suspension 130626a-ITKF2013_POLAND-SuspensionPZKT.pdf:

1) "At its Special Meeting held June 6, 2013, the ITKF Board of Directors directed the Chairman of ITKF to suspend the Traditional Karate Federation of Poland":  Where are the Minutes with the signatures of the Directors?

2) The federation of a country is something very big and very respectable to be suspended a) only from one person or the Board of Directors, and b) without any trial!  c) This is a matter of the General Assembly.

3) "You may appeal this decision through the process outlined in the ITKF Constitution, Article 10.8; Appeals, Pardoning and Reinstatement which states in part, An organization wishing to appeal must present in writing such request to the Chairman who may present such appeal to the Directors.”


Namely: If an ITKF member has a difference with the Chairman, then "the one side of the defendants" will be at the same time ... the Judge of the difference!!! This is not a Constitution, this is (sorry) ... bullshit!!!


4) "While the opinion of the Chairman, ITKF Legal Services":  Who ask the opinion of one person? One person maybe takes a salary from the President!!! It must be done a trial.

5) "Indeed, none of these documents or accusations has been presented to the Board of Directors."  This is the biggest confession that the decision of the "Board of Directors" is for the garbage, because it judge without trial.

6) In the rest the ... "Terminator" is very delectable!!!

7) It follows the "Opinion of Mr. Machado" according to the "Articles of the Constitution": I have nothing to say! "Arigato kosaimashta" Mr. Machado!

 Comments 16/7/2013b:


25 - As I explain in 16/7/2013b -  GTKF in the Extraordinary General Assembly on August 17, 2013!  we never saw any balance for the incomes and expenses of any of the past 25 years, when the incomes of ITKF with the charges of any kind of fees for the pre-required qualifications of national federations for attendance in ITKF would be about $589.000 every year plus $146.000 every two years!!! When I ask for this, they answer me "First pay your fees and then ask!" They did not answer "You are not a member!" Why must I pay for the pockets of Richard Jorgensen and Nami Nishiyama???

 Comments 20/7/2013b:


26 - What is the "Suspended Status"?



You can see the local legal explanation in   or here in pdf with a click!


Pay attention to the below paragraphs which proves the stupidity of those responsible!!!




 The less that the above means is that Greek Traditional Karate Federation do not owes any dollar to ITKF!!! Idiots!!!

 (Black humor!)

 Comments 21/72013ab:


On the Mr. Jorgensen's lettet: 2013ITKF_ResponseToPoland_July18_fnl.pdf


27 - At its recent meeting on July 17, 2013 in Greece, the ITKF Board of Directors discussed your letter dated July 16, 2013 and has found much of the information to be completely false or, at the very least, quite misleading.


"Board of Directors": Big-mouth expression without any effects in production of work! Where are the Minutes of this Meeting with the justified opinions of the members for every matter of discussion? He does not prove anything with documents!


28 - The ITKF Board of Directors, including you as a previous member of the Board, has been fully aware of the status of the ITKF. As you know, this issue relates to a tax dispute with California’s Franchise Tax Board (FTB) for the years 1995 – 2002. Moreover, your accusations that the Chairman “hid” this financial information from the organization members are completely false. Indeed, the issue of the FTB is referenced in the ITKF Business Report 2010 – 2012 and financial statements presented and approved at the last ITKF World Congress held in Lodz, Poland in October 2012.


The problem exists from 2002 and the members of ITKF are informed for this now! Mr. Jorgensen and Mrs. Nami Nishiyama, you are unable to run the federation and you betrayed our trust. The only interest you have is to collect money. No reference of this matter is in the Minutes of 2010 General Meeting and the Minutes of 2012 General Meeting have not reported to the members yet, nine months after the Meeting!!!


29 - However, this FTB dispute neither negates the purpose of the ITKF nor its constitutional authority nor its operation as a legitimate constituted international federation. Furthermore, the information you stated was “hidden” is within the public realm and is freely available to all who seek it, with or without legal counsel.


The Chairman and the ITKF Office have the obligation to inform the members for any malfunction and not each member to search for the legitimacy  of ITKF, but the only interest they have is to collect money!


30 - Your accusations and denial of any previous personal knowledge of this matter has greatly offended the Board as it has caused damage to the reputation of the ITKF worldwide in exchange for the advancement of your own personal agenda.

Ikebana:  Members of the ITKF "Board of Directors"!


Mr. Jorgensen and Mrs. Nami Nishiyama shift cunningly the whole thing to another base.

This is not Mr. Kwiecinski who apologizes.

Mr. Jorgensen and Mrs. Nami Nishiyama are accused. And they do not say anything because they have nothing to say!

We observe here also that all the other members of the "Board of Directors" stay out of the discussion! This proves that the "Board of Directors"  was playing a decorative role, something like ... ikebana (!) perhaps, because Mr. Jorgensen and ITKF Office had trap them in this role!

Why they do not take a place and tell the truth?

As they do not appear, so I think they do not ... exist, so I can not believe the "Chairman"!

If Mr. Jorgensen can not show to us all the Minutes of the Board of Directors with their justified opinions and their signatures, then he is the biggest liar I have ever seen!!!

 Comments 25/72013a:

 Not a Word about ITKF financials!


31 -  Short answers to Mr. Jorgensen's letter!!!


"In English there is a saying – “They have thrown us a Red Herring.”  This folklore saying is based on the practice used in Britain where a “Red Herring” (herring turns red when smoked and has a very strong smell) was dragged across the trail of the fox to mask the scent of the fox and send the hounds involved in the fox hunt down a false trail.  It became a common saying to describe any situation where “giving a false trail” was used to mask the real issues and divert attention from them.  It certainly applies to the recent letter sent by Mr. Kwiecinski to all National Federations concerning the ITKF being in a suspended status with the State of California."


It better applies to your behavior!


"However, it is important to realize that the true reality of the situation is not the result of the management of the current Chairman or ITKF office.  Rather, this situation was inherited from the previous Chairman, the late Sensei Nishiyama and the former ITKF administrator, Ms. Aiko Tori.  Consequently, Mr. Kwiecinski in one single stroke has been able to do what neither WUKO, nor WKF have been able to accomplish through decades of effort.  That is, tarnish the reputation and legacy of Sensei Nishiyama, Ms. Tori and that of the ITKF itself.  And for what purpose?  It appears only for the purpose of vindictive and narcissistic self-interest."


You must not accuse Mr. Kwiecinski. We know to judge him.

And you must not invoke Master Nishiyama.

You are guilty from the moment you undertake the ITKF!


For the rest you say, the “suspended status” as an automatic policy of the State of California means the picture to the right for the ITKF and you with Nami Nishiyama are continuing to collect big money at the name of ITKF without giving any account to anyone!


Where the money is???


"National Federation members should consider carefully what is being done to the ITKF.  A number of members have suggested that perhaps this is a strategy of WKF to finally destroy ITKF.  I don’t know if that is the case, but I do know the behavior exhibited is both bizarre and destructive to ITKF.  The ITKF should be united at this moment as it is the best possible opportunity for our organization to make the strides forward we have been attempting for many years.  Earlier this year we engaged a legal team to assist us with the issues related to IOC.  Later, the IOC itself voted against WKF.  Yet, immediately following these events this internal destructive behavior is exhibited from a National Federation member who claims to have recently met with WKF leaders.  Is this a mere coincidence?" 


Which legal teem? How much money you collect for this reason and how much you paid as advance?

IOC was afraid of you???


You are so vulgar that you accuse Mr. Kwiecinski that he starts his revolution shooting first his legs, then his stomach, his chest and final his head in order to ... destroy ITKF! What kind of man are you???

I have fifteen years court cases against George Yerolimpos, the WKF secretary, because I call him "the murderer of world karate" and before six months he testify to the court that "ITKF does not exist", but I did not understand the meaning of these words!


Now I know that they know! Idiot!!! IOC knows! Everybody knows except us!!!


How you dare to use the title of ITKF Chairman yet??? How do you dare to fraud sixty national federations???


 Comments 1/8/2013a:

 Not a Word about ITKF financials!


32 - Yes, I agree too that Mr. Kwiecinski  is operating outside of an non-existing Constitution of the ITKF by claiming, based on the common logic, a valid "Extra-ordinary General Meeting of ITKF" is being held in Poland on August 17.


33 - Moreover, I agree too that the call for an ‘Extra-ordinary Meeting’ requires a specific purpose in response to an urgency so critical as to affect the organization immediately. Here the specific purpose is the destruction of ITKF from its Chairman and its central Office.


34 - "The only danger to the organization at the moment is the subversive activity of non-members of ITKF and suspended members of ITKF, attacking the organization."

"Non-member" is GTKF and "suspended member" is PZKT!!! It is our honor that you delete or suspend us and we delete or suspend you!!! But you must have the ... balls (sorry, but he forces me!) to accept that we are not attacking the organization but its unable and liar Chairman!!!

Where is the money???

 Comments 2/8/2013:

 Not a Word about ITKF financials!

 35 - Where is the Money ???

The "Suspension" of ITKF exists from 2002!!!

Are you mad ???


36 - In his letter of July 29, 2013 Mr. Jorgensen says:


"Now he has attracted a supporter who comes from a Federation in Greece, claiming to be a member of ITKF – yet under the leadership of Mr. Persidis, this Federation has never paid any membership fee to ITKF. Nor has Mr. Persidis attended any official ITKF event or Technical clinic of ITKF. In reality, he knows nothing about ITKF. Rather, he has been successfully prosecuted in a Court of Law in Greece by the former ITKF member National Federation President of Greece for much of his activity and outrageous claims. But Mr. Persidis still continues to sully the reputation of the late Sensei Nishiyama and the ITKF through his outrageous claims. Now he vows his solid support to Mr. Kwiecinski in his fight to destroy ITKF. This should come as no real surprise."


a) GTKF is a member of ITKF from 1980 till today.

b) I do not pay money to frauds, who do not give any financial report like you and Nami Nishiyama!

c) I know Master Nishiyama from 1966 edition of his book "Karate, the Art of Empty Hand" (long before your mustache sprouted), and in 1975 I asked Kodansha Publishing Company to translate his book in Greek language, but it was very big for the Greek market and I finally translated and published the four first books of "Best Karate" by Masatoshi Nakayama in Greek language.

d) You are so much fool that you cannot understand that nobody cares about me and my acts in GTKF, and this because they are not interested about GTKF but about ITKF. You are the problem in ITKF, not me! The only thing you reveal with your accusations against me is the emptiness of yourself, because you accuse others in order everybody takes his eyes from you. You are the accused, not I.

e) The former president of GTKF did six court attempts to take GTKF and I won him six times! You know why? Because I know the Greek laws better than his layers! After his defeats he started a war with 10-12 court actions against me, he lost the 8-9 and we have the rest yet in progress!

f) Why do I want to destroy ITKF?

Did I bring ITKF in the brink of destruction as "suspended" from the state of California for four years from 2009?

Did I collect money from the federations without legal entity for four years from 2009?

Did I go to foreign countries as common thief and "sell" useless ITKF diplomas for $1200 in the name of ITKF? Did I do such a fraud???

Did I use the names of 1) Master Nishiyama, 2) Board of Directors, 3) ITKF Legal Committee, 4) anonymous federations which supposedly agree with me against my opponents??? 5) and others!!!


g) You are the destruction of ITKF Mr. Jorgensen!!!

ITKF can not, must not, and will not have a Chairman like you!!!

Your face can not represent ITKF!!!

You are finished!!!


 Comments 9/8/2013c:

 Not a Word about ITKF financials!


37 - How much you want to impress us???


The expression   "So currently there is no ITKF constitution"  of Mr. Nir is synonymous with your expression :


"The ITKF Office and its current Chairman are trying to ensure that all information sent is accurate and factual.  It appears that we must take extra time in order to make sure that claims like the one you have just made can be refuted accurately. As a consequence, the Chairman of Legal Services was asked to review everything to ensure its accuracy."


That means the Constitution is been manufactured NOW!!! 

What an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Comments 10/8/2013a:

 Not a Word about ITKF financials!


38 - O.K., I do understand it!


Mr. Romulo Machado offers the last ten years its services as volunteer in the Board of Directors of the not-for-profit organization ITKF updating the ITKF Constitution!!!

But where the money goes ???


39 - Mr. Eyal Nir, after the whithout a trial "execution" of Mr. Kwiecinski by the "legal opinion" of Mr. Machado, the only for sure event that would be done is the call from your friend Mr. Machado to you for "legal explanations"!

 Comments 10/8/2013a:

 Not a Word about ITKF financials!


40 - Please, Ms. Nishiyama, give us the financial balances for all the last years as you are obliged to do!

National federations are not pawns in your franchise business!

 Comments 10/8/2013d:    Comment 41 :

 Not a Word about ITKF financials!


A World Federation is the SET, the PACK, the SUM of the national federations members of it! Consequently:

If and when a world federation HAS a legal Constitution, this Constitution IS on the desk of each and every single national federation member of the world federation!

If and when each and every single national federation member of a world federation DOES NOT HAVE on its desk the legal Constitution of the world federation, this world federation DOES NOT HAVE a legal Constitution.

All the others are bullshit!!! Such as:

The Chairman says that there is a legal constitution in his ... drawer, please wait!

The chairman of Legal Committee says that he processes it for ... ten years, please wait!

The central Office of the world federation "rips HER clothes" that SHE did the best, please "do not shoot the ... pianist"!!!

All of them invoke the failure of the previous administration, please show understanding!

All the old federation archives that were gone, suddenly reappear now in order to justify this situation!

And all the others!


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