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Publicity of Traditional Karate hot news is an obligation for a karate web site and a right of karate practitioners to be informed.

03 - ITKF & ETKF = International Traditional Karate Federation & European Traditional Karate Federation

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4 - Administrative Crisis in ITKF and The ITKF Summer Camp in Greece.

21/11/2012 - ITKF Press Conference for the Karate Olympic Recognition

19/9/2012 - ITKF to Members:  The Minutes of 2010 General Meeting. - (With Comments)

7/12/2012 - ITKF Legal Fund Established to Pursue Court Action re: IOC Recognition. - (With Comments)

2/1/2013 - Unacceptable Economic Conditions and Debits by ITKF. - (With Comments)

15/1/2013 - Charges of E. Persidis against V. Yorga to the ITKF Officials - (With Comments)

26/2/2013 - ITKF to GTKF: Membership Renewal

11/3/2013 - Poland - Announcement of 2013 ITKF Cup

23/4/2013 - Poland -  Invitation to the International Conference


17/5/2013 - ITKF Chairman: RE: ITKF Chairman tries to illegally boycott the 2013 ITKF World Cup. - (With Comments)

18/5/2013 - Radek Janus, president Czech traditional karate association:  RE: ITKF Chairman tries to illegally boycott the 2013 ITKF World Cup. - (With Comments)

27/5/2013 - Letter to Participants of the 2013 World Cup from Athletes and Judges, members of the Traditional Karate Federation of Poland.

31/5/2013 - PZKT: 2013 World Cup-last minute recommendation

12/6/2013 - PZKF: 2013 WORLD CUP LIVE! Only on ITVL SPORT!

20/6/2013a -  ITKF Extraordinary General Meeting - 17 August 2013, Poland. - (With Comments)

24/6/2013 - GTKF to R. Jorgensen, Nami Nishiyama, ITKF member Federations about the ITKF Summer Camp in Greece. - (With Comments)

26/6/2013a - R. Jorgensen to E. Persidis. - (With Comments)

26/6/2013b - ITKF: PZKF Suspension at the ITKF  - (With Comments)

28/6/2013 -  PZKT Response to the Suspension at the ITKF

29/6/2013a - PZKF Re: PZKT Suspension at the ITKF and ITKF Constitution: THERE IS NO CONSTITUTION

29/6/2013b - GTKF prohibits any event of traditional karate in Greece that is organized without the approval and control of GTKF

 29/6/2013c - June 20, 2013 - Retro announcement

5/7/2013 -  ITKF response to PZKT response on suspension

6/7/2013 - ITKF Chairman's message - Let's Visit the FACTS,  OR  "A meat-ball in the role of a tiger" - (With Comments)

8/7/2013a - GTKF support Mr. Kwiecinski and Poland Federation

8/7/2013b -  Avi Rokah's Reply to: ITKF Chairman's Message - Let's Visit The FACTS

9/7/2013 - The illegal Summer Camp of ITKF in Greece.

15/7/2013 - FKTU to ITKF Members

16/7/2013a - THP to ITKF Members

16/7/2013b -  GTKF in the Extraordinary General Assembly on August 17, 2013! - ITKF: No Financial Reports for Years!!!

 18/7/2013 - To the participants of 2013 ITKF Summer Camp in Nea Flogita, Halkidiki, Greece.

20/7/2013 -  Suspension of ITKF by the State of California - Richard Jorgensen and Nami Nishiyama are dangerous for ITKF - (With Comments)

21/7/2013a - ITKF Response To Mr. Kwiecinski July 16, 2013 Letter  - (With Comments)

21/7/2013b -  Information from the ITKF Board of Directors Meeting, July 17, 2013, Greece

21/7/2013c - I told you! Get your money back! The diplomas are garbage! - (With Comments)


23/7/2013b - GTKF thoughts next to FKTU questions. - (With Comments)

24/7/2013a - GTKF Statement of Attendance to the ITKF Extraordinary General Meeting on August 17, 2013, in Poland

25/7/2013a - ITKF to All ITKF Member National Federations - (With Comments)

25/7/2013b -  Letter to California Secretary of State

26/7/2013 - "Phishing karate diplomas and Olympic Recognition" OR "He did strangle the cat"!!!

26/7/2013b - ITKF response to FKTU letter dated July 23, 2013

28/7/2013 - GTKF to ITKF Members: Our Present, Our Future

30/7/2013a - The 31st ETKF European Championships

30/7/2013 - Eyal Nir: ITKF urgent general meeting

1/8/2013 - Mr. Jorgensen: RE: ITKF urgent general meeting - (With Comments)

2/8/2013 - Mr. Jorgensen: ITKF as a World Governing Body - (With Comments)


5/8/2013b - Eyal Nir: Re: ITKF urgent general meeting

9/8/2013a - ITKF Office: Re: ITKF urgent general meeting

9/8/2013b - Eyal Nir: Re: ITKF urgent general meeting

9/8/2013c - ITKF Chairman: Re: ITKF urgent general meeting - (With Comments)

9/8/2013d - Chairman ITKF: Re: ITKF urgent general meeting

10/8/2013a - Eyal Nir: Re: ITKF urgent general meeting - (With Comments)

10/8/2013b - Nami Nishiyama: Re: NEW ERA OF THE ITKF - (With Comments)

10/8/2013c - ITKF Office: To All ITKF National Federations re: The Truth - (With Comments)

10/8/2013d - Chairman ITKF: RE: ITKF urgent general meeting - (With Comments)

13/8/2013 - Bad Imitation of WKF is the "New Monkey-ITKF"! Jorgensen and Nami Nishiyama copy Espinos and Yerolimpos!!!

14/8/2013 - GTKF to all national federations members of ITKF:  NEW ERA in simple words

15/8/2013 - NEW ERA OF THE ITKF: The views of GTKF

17/8/2013 - Just before the ITKF Extraordinary General Meeting on August 17, 2013, in Poland

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23/8/2013 - On the other hand the WKF Democracy: Inside Politics from blogs and sites.

24/8/2013 - The Espinos - Yerolimpos war day by day!

25/8/2013 - To all national federations members of ITKF: The 17/8/2013 Extraordinary General Assembly

27/8/2013 - The Results of the "17/8/2013 ITKF Meeting" - GTKF disagrees absolutely and vertical with the process followed! 

29/8/2013 - Dear Rick: The best for you is to live CTKF in worthy hands and the ITKF Fund (... in my hands, ha, ha!) and go away running!

31/8/2013a - Observations and Opinions on the Results of the "17/8/2013 ITKF Meeting"!

31/8/2013b - ITKF Updated Information from ITKF Chairman (!!!)

1/9/2013a - Let's not hide behind our finger!

1/9/2013b - Letter of Mr. Jorgensen to RAJEEV SINHA, President, Traditional Karate Federation of India

2/9/2013 - First List of (Official) National Federations Members of ITKF: who are we, how many are we?

3/9/2013a - "From Russia with Love" but I cannot understand what is happening???

3/9/2013b - Dangerous Political Movements

6/9/2013 - Letter from "New ITKF" and Applications Form.

8/9/2013 - Letter from "Old ITKF"-Office


30/9/2013 - Letter from Mahmoud Tabassi sensei.

 30/9/2013 - Updated List of (Official) National Federations Members of ITKF: who are we, how many are we?

3/10/2013 - ITKF Intercontinental Cup

9/10/2013 - AAKF Executive Board Information

11/10/2013a - Letter from India to all ITKF members.

11/10/2013b - Eyal Nir to Rajeev Sinha

12/10/2013 - R. Jorgensen's answer and Rajeev Sinha's response.


13/10/2013 - From "The President of EUROPEAN NOTHING" Vladimir Yorga to ETKF members!

16/10/2013a - PZKT to ITKF: Money Return!  (I like the "Dear")

16/10/2013b - Response to email from Mr. Romulo Machado ("Dear" Mr. Machado Please!)

16/10/2013c - Jorgensen Re: Demand on Money Return and Letter to ITKF Members.

21/10/2013a - Request To: Mr. Richard Jorgensen

21/10/2013b - RE to the Request To: Mr. Richard Jorgensen

22/10/2013 - New Era ITKF Versus Outdated ITKF

1/11/2013 - From "The President of INTERNATIONAL NOTHING" Richard Jorgensen to American Amateur Karate Federation!

6,7/11/2013 - From PZKT to All - From Radek Janus to All!

9/11/2013a - Report of Extra-ordinary Meeting, Cancun, Mexico, October 26, 2013.

9/11/2013b - RE: New Era ITKF - 5th Anniversary of Sensei's Passing

22/11/2013a -  ITKF General Assembly - invitation -  ITKF General Assembly - agenda.

22/11/2013b - The Situation of Traditional Karate in Europe - ETKF Meeting - full correspondence.

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29/11/2013 - The "WKF-Campaign" issue in Facebook by George Yerolimpos, former General Secretary of WKF and other relative informations!

30/11/2013 - Declaration of Unification of World Karate!

1/12/2013 - Lithuania Withdrawal from ITKF!

2/12/2013 - Fu Manchu and the Aces from his sleeve! Good laughs!

5-8/12/2013-31st ETKF Championship - Home - Facebook - Photos - Results

10/1/2014 - Winter Gasshuku with special guest Sensei MASAO KAWASOE

6/2/2014 - Helene Ely's email!!!

4/4/2014 - Seminar Avi Rokah, Poland, 9.5.2014

14/6/2014 - Gasshuku - International Summer Camp (12.8.14-Poland)

26/6/2014 - From an anonymous email.



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